3 Arrested In Brooklyn Park Grass Fire

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Three juvenile suspects were arrested following Wednesday’s grass fire in Brooklyn Park that burned more than 50 acres.

Fire crews responded to the grass fire on the 7300 block of Aspen Lane North and spent more than four hours battling the flames until it was brought under control.

At the time of the fire, police received information that three suspicious juveniles were in the area just before the fire.

All three were located and arrested and face possible charges of negligent fires.

They were booked at the Brooklyn Park Police Department and have since been released, pending further investigation.

Brooklyn Park Police and Fire continue to investigate the fire and are working to determine specific damages and costs associated with the incident.

  • ahab

    Let the punishment fit the crime. Bill then for the costs of the fire and sentence them to help clean up that mess.

    • Matt

      wouldn’t setting them on fire fit the crime more?

  • babybluebiker

    Have the parents be held accountable, as well.

    • jim

      Why don’t all the commentors be held accountable. Does it matter if its words or actions? You all like to impose judgement on others. But then i suppose you all can cast the first stone as you do no wrong. You all like laws and punishments? lock everyone up.

  • Kamilla

    Please ensure adequately harsh consequences for those responsible for starting the fire. They need to work to pay for the entire costs incurred to respond to the fire and they need serious additional consequences to ensure they will not repeat such behaviors.

  • john0990

    The huge influx of juveniles in the past few years is getting out of hand. Who do they think they are? We should ship them all back to Juvenilia.

    • pedro

      ? you mentally disabled? you making light or excusing this based on their age?

  • DougT

    So its different if the DNR sets fires to clear off brush – but these kids committed a crime? Seems like just some [more] minnesota swamp land brush clearing to me :)

    • Insight

      Last year’s fire in the BWCA was initially left to burn and then got out of control. The DNR is not wasting money to stop unintended fires. They are protecting us. Controlled burns are planned so that they don’t cause us harm.

    • jr

      I agree it was better for the overall habitat for them to just let this burn. They should have just contained it let it burn out and protected the surrounding business etc. But no they had to spend a bunch of money on airplanes and stuff to put out a swamp fire. Guess the city fire boys dont understand habitat burns very well.

  • Kevin

    Oh my! Steven…..Alex…..and Robert! You are bad boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thinking ahead

    Hahahahahaha! Little morons got caught, and now comes their fun part – court time for arson charges – yes! I’m figuring 2nd degree arson, with a fine of no less than $10k, along with city expenses for the fire department activity. By the time it’s all done, oh, I’d say between $15k and $20k will come out of theirs and mommy and daddy’s pockets. Having fun yet? Just wait – you will…. Hahahahahahahahahahaha, schmucks.

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