Bald Eagle Sightings Increasing In Mpls, Suburbs

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — What used to be considered a rare sight is now becoming the norm.

Bald eagles have been spotted lately in Minneapolis parks and Suburban neighborhoods. We went to the Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota to find out why.

“Several are more willing to live in urban areas and some of them are even nesting in urban areas,” said Dr. Julia Ponder. “If the eagles chose the spot, they will come very close to us a lot of times, though if they’re nesting and we invade their area, they’ll abandon the nest.”

Populations are also up, while habitats are more sparse. So our interaction with them could increase.

One nest was recently spotted for the first time in Coon Rapids off Highway 10.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever seen an eagle in this area that I can think of,” said Jeff Stanek, whose backyard butts up to the nest.

Even closer to the city, people are spotting them in Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis. There is no nest there yet, but wildlife workers are watching.

Once they pick a spot to nest, they will return each year. Based on the excitement of the children in the center on Friday, it will be a welcome addition to any neighborhood. Of course, the bird’s nests can be far from view.

If you or your kids want an up close look at Eagles and other birds, the Raptor Center offers tours.

  • Mason Smith

    I was followed into work today on my bike by one of these Eagles. I live in St. Louis Park. There are around the Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital.

  • Bpath

    I watched one trying to get at some road kill on 50th st in s. mpls on Thursday. It was very cool watching the eagle try to work around the traffic to get to his food. The six foot wing span freaked out some drivers as it swooped down. Super cool, but I was worried it would get hit by a car. A murder of crows chased him off. Jerk crows.

  • MJ

    My brother had one perched in his Oak tree in his backyard in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis. I’ve been told there is a nest along the West River Road, near the railroad bridge. Lots of sightings along the Mississippi in Seward.

  • Reach

    The nest in Coon Rapids has been there for a couple of years now. It is REALLY cool to see!

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