Gov. Dayton Urges Voters To Reject Voter ID

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton says he’s ready to do whatever he can to urge voters to reject the proposed voter ID constitutional amendment that will appear on the ballot in November.

Dayton issued a symbolic veto of the amendment Monday, though he has no legal power to stop it from appearing on the ballot. The GOP-controlled Legislature signed off on it last week.

Dayton says the amendment would cripple Minnesota’s election system by curbing same-day voter registration, absentee balloting and mail-in voting. Backers say requiring voters to prove their identity is an election integrity measure.

The governor says he doesn’t think there is a way to prevent it from going to voters.

Dayton symbolically vetoed another amendment last year: One defining marriage as only between a man and a woman.

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  • Kevin

    In other news Gov Dayton urged Obama to keep the border open……..he also urged Law Enforcement to not request a form of idea from anyone speaking spanish……..

    • Doug

      Are electronic voting machines more or less dangerous than someone voting without an ID?

    • The_Adversary

      Did you even read the article. In practicality the measure is attempting to DISABLE democratic action “by curbing same-day voter registration, absentee balloting and mail-in voting”. There’s no mention of the President or anything about Spanish speaking Americans. In democracy you have to respect everyone, not exclusively people similar you.

      • Openwater

        That’s not what the measure is doing at all. It’s attempting to make it more fair by closing loopholes in the system. Those loopholes are HUGE. Same-day voters could still vote and register if they have an id (which I know most people do). I’m sure there will be something to deal with absentee voting. YOU have to respect everyone. It is way too easy to vote multiple times in this state; it’s ridiculous. It’s not about democrats or republicans. Not only republicans have id’s and vote in-state.

      • Kevin

        Too bad you don’t understand sarcasm – Kevin’s comment was clever tongue-in-cheek.

  • barrister

    I will certainly be voting against it this ammendment will only
    mean more votes for republicans

    • No sheep here

      Well I’m voting for it!!!! Last time I took the advice of a drug addict lit up to the point of slurred speech I was just a kid and even then I knew better!!!!!

    • whatever

      That is why I will vote for it. Get those democrats out of office as soon as possible. And its funny how you think only people without an I.D. will only vote for Democrats, that in itself is a reason it should pass. We all know what democrats want, spend other peoples money with no regard on how its going to be funded.

      • Lisa w.

        Easy does it “whatever!!” We inherited this mess from the lovey George Bush & company after Clinton had successfully balanced the books. How short your memory is. It took 8 years to get into the awful mess we’re in….it will take at least 8 years to get out of it. Thankfully Obama took over……whatever!!

    • Leroy

      In other words, the Democrats are cheating?

      • DC

        Yeah, they think that ONLY the democrats cheat: you know the old saying: you project what you are.

    • Duanes

      Yea, like we need more attorney’s around too. If, you truly are one.
      Real tuff to get a photo ID and carry it around with you. Next we will have to wipe your a** for you because your so, helpless.
      My late Mother in a wheel chair had no trouble getting a photo ID and carrying it.


      No,it will mean less votes for dems.

    • justathought

      You know that old saying… vote early, vote often, vote Democrat?

    • Openwater

      Because only republican’s have id’s? Are you saying only republicans are legitimate citizens? Or are you saying that only democrats are abusing the system?

  • solutions777

    So Dayton wants to let anybody and everybody vote. How about registering the dead, the unborn and pets? Even Canadians could visit for a day to vote, voter tourism?

    What is he afraid of?

    If someone wants to vote, then register with identification and vote with identification. What is the problem with this?

    Censorship is evil.

  • speed bump

    Well, that does it. Dayton’s “urge” telling me to vote “no” means I will vote “yes.”

    A couple of serious points:

    * We don’t know the extent of voter fraud because a) no statistics are kept on it and b) if it’s successful, nobody knows it happened!

    * If you still write checks, you always need to show an ID. Even if you use a debit or credit card, many places will also ask to see an ID. Federal law has long required individuals to obtain a social security number shortly after birth so there’s a form of required ID right there already. If you get stopped for any traffic reason, you need to show an ID. If you cash a check at a bank you need to show an ID. If you cross a US border you need an ID (and a passport!). In most foreign countries you can spend a little time in the clinker if you don’t carry your official papers (ID) at all times. Come on folks, obtaining and showing an ID is no big deal. Dayton’s just being a putz because he likes to veto anything a GOPer presents – whether it makes sense or not.

    To to YouTube and search for videos on voting in MN for some actual “tests” of how easy it is to vote in MN and NOT be who you claim to be.

    No big deal..

    • DC

      >* If you still write checks, you always need to show an ID.

      A friend went shopping and paid with a check–she didn’t have to show ID.

      >Even if you use a debit or credit card, many places will also ask to see an ID.

      I’ve never been asked to show ID.

      >If you get stopped for any traffic reason, you need to show an ID.

      In 45 years of driving, maybe three times at the most.

      Why do the critics of Governor Dayton and the democrats 9I’m an independent) have to lie so much? And so badly?

      • sick of people's BS

        Well DC you are one of the lucky ones, you and your friends because I get asked every time I write a check or use my debit/credit card. Clerks around here are doing their job.

        • KR

          Exactly. Quite honestly, I PREFER that they ask for ID.

      • hunnybear18

        So just because some clerks aren’t concerned with helping make sure someone doesn’t use your cards or checks fraudulently, this means we shouldn’t make this law. I personally thank a clerk who asks for ID when I write a check or use my bank card.

    • Huh

      @ speed bump:

      * So you’re saying there must be a problem, but we’ve got no evidence to support that contention.

      * Writing checks is not a right. Cashing checks is not a right. Driving a car is not a right. Crossing a US border into another country is definitely not a right. Your social security card is not a form of ID.

      “Papers please” indeed. Exactly the kind of stuff our Founding Fathers sought to avoid.

      • whatever

        Voting is not a right either, it is a privelege that Legal citizens are encouraged to do. If you are to lazy to get an I.D. then you should not be voting. If you are hiding something and that is why you don’t want to show an I.D. then you should also not be voting.

        • jackactionhero

          Voting is a right for legal, non-felon citizens. You are wrong.

          • whatever

            Going to a nice restaurant is also a right but I consider it a privilege.

  • Maypole

    Governmnet Public Unions are pullng Dayton’s strings just like everything else he does…

    • DC

      And how do the unions benefit on not having Voter ID?

      Do you guys even think before posting?

      • th

        I don’t think that half of these people know what the issues really are that they post about

        • whatever

          but thank goodness to people like you we are all briefed on the subject. Oh wait, nothing you said made anything clearer. Thanks for nothing

  • bill

    Governor goofy is stomping his feet because he knows that with proper voter ID he and senator franken will be out of jobs.

    There’s a reason our representatives went around you governor, now concern your self with something you have a say in, you one term failure!

    • DC

      >with proper voter ID he and senator franken will be out of jobs.

      Where’s the proof?

  • max

    Why aren’t the supporters of this unnecessary amendment talking about what it will cost the state to administer? I thought Conservatives were all about reducing government spending and regulation. Vote fraud is virtually non-existent in Minnesota, so this is like going after an Ant with an elephant gun.

    • Justice for ALL

      What cost is that Max?

      Asking the voting judge that already requires the individual voting to sign the voting register to look at an id. That doesn’t seem like an unmanageable expense to me.

      Have to love the spin the crazy lefties put on this issue.

      • Whatever....

        @Justice. Just looking at the ID will not be enough. The picture IDs will need to be scanned into a system in case there is a recount demand. Those of us who are putting on elections know that the judge’s word that he/she looked at the ID will not satisfy the law. To satisfy a recount, the picture will need to be looked at. Equipment to buy, election judge training, and free IDs are projected to cost Minnesota between $20 and $30 million, and every year the free IDs will need to be repurchased.

    • bill

      Its well worth the cost to keep the likes of dayton, franken and that criminal enabler ritchie out of office

      • DC

        And that is why the GOP wants Voter ID–it isn’t about alleged voter fraud. It is all about disenfranchisng anyone who won’t vote GOP.

      • digger of the truth

        @ Brian WOW that was a spear to the gut,,,, how long did it take you to think that onw up

  • Arnold
    • DC

      That was a feeble attempt at voter fraud. Now try telling us how many actual cases there have been.

      • whatever

        Somebody has been watching MSNBC now haven’t they DC? Maybe you should watch a real news channel, then you will find out how far and deep voter fraud really is.

  • Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao

    Comrades Dayton and Obama are key players in trying to shape a new world order in Minnesota and America.

    “Someday there will be no more rich and no more poor. Only workers in a workers state.”

    Power to the proletariat!

    Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao

    • Brian

      Hi you’re stu[id

      • DC

        Agreed. And the GOP wonders why no thinking independent will vote for ANY of their candidates in the next election.

      • Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao

        Comrade Brian-

        YOU would have gotten an education when we were in charge!

        Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao

  • Fred Hayek

    Someone voted for US Attorney Eric Holder without any ID. It can be done. Easily.

    • DC

      No vote was cast–it was a sad little attempt.

  • politicianSUX

    “the amendment would cripple Minnesota’s election system by curbing same-day voter registration, absentee balloting and mail-in voting.” What a bunch of B.S. Absentee voting and mail in voting will not be affected and only those that fail to think more than a free bus ride and the promise of a free meal will miss out. Anyone that can not think more than a few days ahead and get the proper ID, do you really want them deciding who our next house member, Senate Member, Governor, or President will be? Really, you are that desperate to change the results of an election that you want to have no integrity in our election system?

  • Hunter

    “Cripple” the MN election system?? Come on man… can come up with something better than that. God help us all.

  • Ratsmana

    Photo ID’s are NOT something radical” Anyone visiting a clinic lab to have blood drawn for diagnotic testing must show a picture ID. Even Seniors!!!
    Even Democrats and Republicans.

  • Right is so wrong

    We will never have a perfect system. No matter how much we spend, or try. This amendment, if passed will cost millions. The last election in 2010, there was only 100 cases of voter fraud. Doesn’t sound like a good way to spend our money.

    • Brett

      I’d rather spend tax dollars to insure that our elections are free, fair, and LEGAL, instesd of allowing all of the FRAUD that’s going on, not just in elections, but WELFARE, people getting $20,000 a year in AIDS medications at taxpayer expense, proposing hundreds of billions for Zigi, etc.

    • Not a Tea Nut

      But the GOP makes you feel like you are being cheated. Don’t worry about being fiscally responsible, It’s ok if they want it.

    • beegee17

      LOL! Are you serious… only 100 cases of voter fraud? Google…. voter fraud.

      • Right is so wrong

        You don’t need to google it. All you have to do is research Minnesota’s own web site. Secretary of the State stats: only 100.

        • bill

          So whatever Ritchie says goes now?

          My guess is when the voter ID is passed, Ritchie’s reign of corruption will come to an abrupt end .

          • Right is so wrong

            Author of the bill, Rep Mary Kiffmeyer also acknowledge the numbers too. If you want, email her and ask. She said that on WCCO radio either last week, or the week before

            • Marcus

              Drudge Report “White Man Offered Eric Holder’s Ballot”

    • Elwood

      Completely agree with “Right.”

  • Kelly

    Is voting a “right or a priviledge” Drivers license=priviledge. Voting = right ! Now we have to get permission from the gov’t to exercise a right.

    • whatever

      If you don’t have an I.D. to vote I am guessing you also don’t drink, smoke, drive, have a house, rent an apt., use a credit card or debit card, fish, hunt, or even got married. All of these require an I.D. I don’t believe the government is trying to take away a right but are trying to curb fraud and keep illegals and others who should not be voting from voting. Makes sense to me but then again I don’t have anything to hide nor do I get free handouts from the government.

    • bill

      Voting is no more a right than my right to firearms.

      Try buying a gun without one.

      In either case a simple State ID will suffice so your argument falls flat on its face

      • th

        You can’t kill anyone with a vote. Get real

    • beegee17

      And you have to show that Drivers License if you plan on using services. Do you or do not show ID when buying alcohol or tobacco.

      Libturds say Healthcare is a “Right”. Well you show ID to use those services.

      • DC

        >Do you or do not show ID when buying alcohol or tobacco.


    • dan

      Becoming a US citizen is a privledge. You dont have the “right” to vote unless you are a legal US Citizen. What part of this dont you understand Kelly?

  • Joel

    you need ID to cash a personal check, to prove who you are when you get stopped for a speeding ticket…you need to get over this “I don’t have to if I don’t want to” attitude…

  • beegee17

    Let’s be honest… the only reason they don’t want Voter ID…. no more double voting, no more dead people voting, etc…

    • Huh

      Please tell us exactly how many times that has occurred here in Minnesota. How many have been prosecuted? How many convictions?

      Or…how many people have gotten away with it?

      How about some numbers to back up these allegations, please?

      • beegee17
        • DC

          Why would a felon vote for Franken? Where’s the benefit?

        • christine

          Voter I.D. would nothing to prevent felons from voting (as your link implies). Felons have I.D.

          • Whatever....

            @Christine. Illegals also have IDs in the form of drivers’ licenses. No drivers’ license or state ID states that a person is a U.S. citizen, either. Only a passport does that.

          • whatever

            Wrong….the I.D. would show they are a felon when entered into the system or looked up when signing to vote in thus they cannot vote.

            • Whatever....

              @whatever with small “w.” We are not looking up the ID in a system, just scanning the photo into the system and comparing it to the voter in front of the election judge. Try again…

  • hunnybear18

    Dear Governor Dayton,

    You vetoed this bill one other time despite even the most liberal polls showing that over 60% of Minnesotans supported it. You did it to keep those who helped you to power happy.

    Why are you so afraid of the people having their say? Do you favor a system where you are supreme ruler despite what is in the constitution?

    Now the legislature found a way to bypass the threat of your veto pen which you use to push your own personal agendas, brought it to the people where it belongs, and you lament not being able to take that opportunity away from us?

    • th

      The repubs are the ones that are trying to push their own agendas. They think if they can get this to pass that there won’t be as many people voting for Democrats.

      • hunnybear18

        How is it pushing their own agenda to make sure that only eligible people vote, and that they vote only once?

        If getting rid of the opportunity for fraud will cut down on Democratic votes, I guess we know who the frauds are voting for, don’t we?

  • Justice for ALL

    I find it very telling that the Democrats are so sure that requiring an individual to very who they are by showing a picture id would only have a negative impact on their voters.

    Doesn’t it make you wonder why they think this?

    • Knowwhy

      Because Democrats are the party that really believes in all constitutional rights; not just the second amendment. Republicans seem to get so caught up in the second amendment (right to bear arms), but they are totally willing to trample over or ignore other constitutional rights. Voting is a constitutional right, unlike cashing checks or driving a car.

      • whatever

        It is a right when you are legal to vote or vote only once. It is when it is abused that things have to change. This is how almost every law gets written or why things change, people abuse the system to benefit themselves thus hurting everyone else. Why are democrats so against it?

  • djp

    I am all for voter ID!!! If you want to register that same day to vote…just bring an ID!!!! Heck…ya have to have ID to write a check…why not to vote???

  • Brett

    How does one issue a “symbolic veto”? Is that written in state law?

    Proof that this governor is a LOON, and his credibility should take a nose dive soon.

  • Greg

    The Unites States worst Governor, formally the countries worst Senator….Mark Dayton….what an idiot!!! You have to show ID for almost everything else. Keep the illegals and dead voting…..The true democrtic way!!!

  • Brett

    If you don’t want to see Minnesota elections turn into the joke of the nation (as if it hasn’t happened already), vote YES in November!!

    • Schae

      Minnesota elections have already turned into a joke–look at the last two elections that put both Franken and Dayton in office!

      • Death

        People did, not the election.

  • Erik

    You need an ID to buy cigarettes and Liquor…. voting doesn’t seem nearly as serious or as important, after all you do lose your right to buy liquor when you’re a convicted felon… oh wait, no you don’t!

    • DC

      Only if you look to young to be buying them.

  • politicianSUX

    Everyone will still be able to register and vote on the day of elections. Only their votes will not count until they are verified. Will it cost more, sure it will, but will it add more integrity to our system, absolutely. Why are Democrats afraid to spend money on adding intergrity to our election system?

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