ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota prosecutors have new authority to arm themselves on duty.

Gov. Mark Dayton on Monday signed a bill allowing county attorneys and assistant county attorneys to carry firearms on duty as long as they have a valid permit. County attorneys can impose restrictions in their respective offices.

The bill cleared the Legislature on overwhelming votes.

The bill gained steam after Cook County Attorney Tim Scannell was shot and wounded in December last year by a man he had successfully prosecuted.

The new law takes effect Tuesday.

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Comments (18)
  1. G Dog says:

    My buddy has been a prosecutor in California for 20 years and always has a .32 caliber in his briefcase on days he is in court.

  2. Kevin says:

    Glock…..Glock…..out go the lights…..I carry a nice Glock 10 mm…….its a 40 cal on steriods……its shoots flames… you double tap them…..then put out the fire…..

  3. Bob says:

    WHat happened to only the cops should carry guns, our governor is a duffus…..

    1. call it what you want says:

      Well, that would be great if only the cops carried guns…and each attorney had their own personal cop by their side. But they don’t, so it only makes sense for them to carry…

    2. Brian says:

      Hey idiot, who said only the cops should carry guns? Think about that for a second, moron. If only the cops carried guns, THE COPS WOULDN’T NEED GUNS. Maybe you’re the *dufus*. Did you read the article? This bill received overwhelming support by lawmakers too. Know why? Because all intelligent people have a grasp on this one fact: too many bad people have guns. If we can legally arm a few more of the good guys, it’s better for all of us.

  4. 2nd Amendment says:

    The sooner we give the people that need protection, the ability to protect themselves, better.

    1. du1152 says:

      I can’t agree more 2nd Amendment, Statistics show that where people are allowed to carry guns, the crime is lower! I am glad to hear they will now be able to carry a gun into the court room as long as they take the class and get their conceal and carry permits.

  5. Lutz says:

    Most lawyers are uber-liberals and will not want to be around guns.

    The first time a prosecutor shoots a judge should be interesting.

  6. Logic says:

    The unions must not have opposed this.

  7. Chris says:

    What’s the point? We already have carry conceal laws that would allow them to carry in MN as long as they show proficency and go through the class (unless they have a felony, etc.). I’m guessing this change allows them to carry in the government buildings where firearms are “prohibited”… but if it’s such a concern, shouldn’t everyone be allowed to carry with a valid permit? And what defines them as being “on duty”?

  8. Shoot first ask questions later says:

    So did Dayton make it clear that they need to retreat first, just like all the other valid permit holders.Dayton is a joke..

    1. Yep says:

      Dayton shot down the Stand Your Ground law during the same session… He gave “special privileges” to those closely tied to law enforcement unions. While he is very anti-gun, he could not deny that our MN government building were unsafe. As a settlement to his constituents, he passed this law for just his few chosen, A Stand Your Ground law would afford the general ‘Sheeple’ population the same right to self-defense as any law enforcement individual (now lawyers too) already enjoys. For the record, Sadly, I couldn’t afford the $200,000 law college education to ‘buy’ the right to defend myself in a ‘gun free zone’. Huh…. Apparently some animals are more equal than other animals.

  9. KEVIN says:

    I believe in open carry. There’s no doubt you have one and are willing to defend yourself and your family.

  10. Jason says:

    I guess our gov is pro gun. Wait, only for the select few. Kick rocks common people.

  11. Marine 0311 says:

    They, just like every citizen has the right to be armed and protect themselves.

    1. desert eagle .50 says:

      They have the right? And how do you propose they protect themselves?
      Please be specific.

    2. Yep says:

      True, and I agree. But please understand, this new law is based upon public buildings that otherwise prohibit the carry of firearms, unless you are a cop (or now a lawyer) the ‘right’ to carry in a Publicly Owned Government Building, does not extend or apply to YOU or to me. They are the new select chosen few given new rights and MORE rights than you or me. I challenge anyone to carry into a court room and test my theory. You are not equal enough.

  12. Live and Let Live says:

    Well as the old saying goes…”God made man…Sam Colt made us all equal”. That’s of course if your one of Mark Dayton’s chosen few, then your more equal. I wonder does the statute also give them protection and pay for their defense in the event that they have to use their weapon. Or are they going to have the same over worked, under payed public defender that most people will have

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