Movie Blog @ MSPIFF, Day 9: ‘God Bless America’

Do you hate American media and pop culture? I mean really hate it? Well so does comedian/director Bobcat Goldthwait. In fact, he’s poured his heart and soul into 104 minutes of pundit bashing, reality show smashing, and oodles of ultra-violent fantasy fodder. And all with a huge, wicked grin on his face.

White, middle-age, and liberal Frank (played perfectly by Joel Murrary, younger brother of BIll) gets fired from his desk job, and is diagnosed with a brain tumor soon after. As he sits alone, weeping in front of his TV with a six-pack of beer and a loaded gun, a reality show featuring a sniveling sixteen year old girl comes on. As the brat loudly laments her unacceptable birthday present of a Lexus, Frank flips into homicidal maniac-mode. He enlists a like-minded teenage girl, and a bloody rampage ensues, with the mean and the rude as the targets.

Goldthwait’s gleeful bloodlust may turn as many stomach as the non-stop preachy speeches written for Frank and his accomplice. But Bobcat truly shines in his spot-on lampoons of 24-hour cable news silliness and endless reality show garbage.

God Bless America plays tonight at 10 p.m.

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– Stephen Swanson

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