MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Amy Senser’s stepdaughter took the stand again on Wednesday, as the fatal hit-and-run trial continued.

Prosecutors say Senser struck and killed Anousone Phanthavong last August as he was filling up his stalled car with gas. Senser says she didn’t stop because she didn’t know she hit someone.

Senser is charged with criminal vehicular operation.

Once again, her stepdaughter’s testimony was gripping and powerful. Brittani Senser told the jury, despite her father telling her to trust him days after the accident, she said she didn’t.

She said she was mad that her stepmother and father weren’t admitting who was behind the wheel.

Brittani Senser, 28, told the jury she felt like Amy Senser and her father, Joe, were leaving it up to the State Patrol investigators to try and figure out who was driving — fueling speculation one of the daughters, including her, could be to blame — in hopes no one would be charged.

During the cross examination she said, “For people to think I killed someone made me angry,” and she said she was mad her dad didn’t stand up for her.

On Tuesday, Brittani told the jury that information about Amy being the driver came out only after she gave Amy’s attorney an ultimatum — that she would go to police.

The defense attorney questioned Brittani about her motive, inferring she was concerned about her career as an aspiring singer and performer, and pointing out she lost a public appearance because of all the speculation.

Another interesting development was when Brittani told the jury she knows the victim’s brother.

She found that out, days after the crash when a mutual friend called her and asked her if she was the one driving.

The jury also found out about an awkward moment — after Amy admitted being the driver — when Brittani ran into her, at a mall. It was in December.

When speculation re-surfaced that one of her daughter’s may have been driving, it was at a time when new court documents were released and a witness said she saw a woman with blond hair driving the SUV.

Brittani said Amy laughed it off, which she said seemed strange.

She told the jury she believed her stepmother reacted that way as a defense mechanism, but also because she believed she would get away with it.

Brittani told the jury her relationship with Amy has since been strained. She said she still visits the family occasionally and talks to her father often.

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