MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you think the Vikings Stadium is a done deal, think again.

The stadium deal still needs to pass the Minneapolis City Council, which has a vote on the measure later this month.

Supporters say right now, the stadium would pass the City Council by the narrowest of margins — by just one vote.

Critics on the council say stadium supporters are doing an end around in order to bypass a 1997 addition to the Minneapolis City Charter that says any expenditure on a stadium that is more than $10 million has to be voted on by the residents of Minneapolis.

But supporters say the vote in the legislature means a referendum won’t happen. Minneapolis City Council President Barb Johnson appeared on WCCO Sunday Morning.

“The legislation makes it clear that the charter does not apply to this Vikings stadium,” Johnson said. “People will disagree with me. I think when you look at the potential that we have over a billion dollars that we have of investment in construction work being done in our city, that $10-million cap seems quite puny.”

The Minneapolis share of the Vikings is $338 million in capital and operating costs over 30 years or $675 million when interest is factored in. The Council vote is scheduled for May 25.

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