HOPKINS, Minn. (WCCO) – A Twin Cities church is dealing with a financial crisis that many Minnesotans know all too well.

The West Oaks Community Church in Hopkins is facing the threat of foreclosure.

The sanctuary of West Oaks Community Church is where its members find faith.

It is the place they pray for the impossible, and it’s also where they’re trying to make their own miracle happen.

Sujith Chandran, a member of the West Oaks Community Church, explains that at the back of the sanctuary sits a box labeled the “Miracle Fund.”

“We call it the miracle fund, because we need a miracle to make it happen,” said Chandran.

For the last few weeks, this congregation has been on a mission.

A $75 thousand down payment is due to refinance their mortgage.

It will allow the church to pay down their debt rather than just the interest.

John Goodman, lead pastor at the West Oaks Community Church, is new to this type of situation.

“It’s a crazy thing to deal with. I’ve never been in this position before,” said Goodman.

It’s a financial burden too big for a church membership of no more than 150.

They’ve branched out into the community with auctions and fundraisers.

“Anything it takes to raise the money is what we will do,” said Chandran.

Even with outside help, the total raised stands at just $10 thousand, and the church faces the possibility of foreclosure.

“We joined a lot of other families who have gone into hardship right now. So, yes, the proverbial our backs are against the wall,” said Goodman.

It’s the reason why the Sunday morning prayer for a miracle took on new meaning.

“Our building doesn’t exist to make payments, it’s to minister to people,” said Goodman.

The future of their church relies on it.

The bank did ask the church to put their best foot forward and they would talk at the end of the month.

Pastor John hopes to raise at least $25 thousand to keep the discussion going.

West Oak is not behind on payments.

We reached out to the bank but they have not returned our calls.


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