MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The first Wednesday in June is designated as National Running Day, which means it’s time to get your running shoes on.

Because not all kicks are created equal, Natalie Kane talked with John Stanton, the founder of Running Room, to find out which shoes are your best bets.

“What’s really important is that you don’t have to come in and buy the most expensive shoe. Because sometimes people come in and say, ‘That’s what my neighbor has,'” said Stanton. “That shoe might be $140.  But if we look at your biomechanics, you may end up with a $100 shoe, because it’s the shoe that we feel is correct for you.”

Stanton said you can expect to spend anywhere from $80 to $140 for a good running shoe.

When buying a shoe for training, or daily activity, Stanton says buy according to your body type or you’re “biomechanics.”

If you are bow-legged, you’re what’s called a supinator. Stanton says when your foot strikes, it stays on the heel and stays toward the outside.

“So what’s important to them: they have a high arch and need lots of cushioning,” he said.

Maybe you have a floppy foot, and your arch collapses. Stanton recommends something with arch support on the inside of the shoe.

“You need to make sure that’s built up to give them that extra support on that side,” he said.

When it comes to decision time, that’s ultimately on you, the consumer.

“The guide I use is the leather glove guide.  You know when you put a good leather glove on and it feels comfortable?  That’s how a good athletic shoe should feel.  It should feel comfortable.  If it doesn’t feel comfortable when you put it on, it certainly isn’t going to after five or six miles,” said Stanton.

The less you feel, the better it is. And if you already have a shoe you love, stick to it.

“It comes back to the most important message for any athlete: listen to your body because your body is giving you that feedback,” he said.


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