MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Adding a fresh coat of paint can spruce up the inside of a home.  For those who chose to make it a DIY project, there’s a newer brand of painter’s tape that promises to make it look like the paint job was done by the professionals.

Green Frog Tape is available on hardware store shelves next to traditional blue tapes.  Frog Tape sets itself apart with its patented PaintBlock Technology, which is supposed to form a barrier to prevent paint bleed.

One thing to keep in mind before you use Frog Tape is clearly stated on the directions: “Use only on clean dry surfaces, and allow paint to cure three days before applying Frog Tape.”

Twin Cities painter Jon Spies uses Frog Tape and said there are benefits and drawbacks. Spies typically uses Frog Tape for accent walls and decorative lines or stripes.

“With the Frog Tape, you have a complete razor line, no touch-ups and you’re done,” said Spies with Equity Enhancers.

The drawback to Frog Tape, Spies said, is the cost. A roll of Frog Tape will cost around $7 to $10 depending on the thickness.  Spies said he’ll use tape that costs “a couple of bucks” a roll around baseboards and windows.


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