By Mike Max

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It will be interesting to see where Minnesota Twins infielder Trevor Plouffe ends up this season. From an abysmal start to a rare team leader in home runs, what happened?

It’s hard to explain this past week for Plouffe. Part of it is mechanics, part is physical change.

“He’s not picking up the leg as high, the timing issues are behind him,” said Twins hitting coach, Joe Vavra. “He’s seeing the ball out of the hand. More importantly, as soon as he saw his hand, he’s ready.”

Plouffe wants to make Target Field his permanent address and he knows the ticket to that: It can’t come from somewhere else; ithas to come from within.

In other words, he has to believe before others will.

“I’m not chasing pitches. I’m hitting mistakes and it kind of just snowballed into, you know, hitting those mistakes and getting some balls in the seats. It made me more and more confident,” Plouffe said.

He’s finding a rhythm by understanding what it is he is doing and what others are trying to do to him.

“Everybody got skills at this level. It’s about knowing who you are as a hitter and also what the pitcher is trying to do to you and what he’s not trying to do to you,” said Plouffe.


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