Reality Check: The Truth About Lawmaker’s Health Care Plans

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If the U.S. Supreme Court overturns the federal health care law, tens of millions of Americans could lose all, or part of their new insurance coverage.

But 535 members of Congress won’t feel a thing.

It’s true.

Members of Congress have great health care — they’re in a pool with 8.5 million federal employees.

They’re allowed to choose from 10 different health care plans while most Americans get just one option.

And it’s heavily subsidized by taxpayers.

Yet that’s not the whole story.

Unlike most Americans, federal workers and members of Congress don’t need medical checkups to get insurance.

There’s no waiting period.

No coverage limits.

And they cannot be denied insurance for preexisting conditions.

Those are benefits the new federal health care law gives to everyone.

But members of Congress get even more.

For a $503 annual fee, they can go to a clinic inside the Capitol building with doctors, a pharmacy, and medical technicians.

And they don’t get charged for outpatient care at Bethesda Medical Center.

Gov. Mark Dayton, formerly a Minnesota Senator, once tried to force Congress to have the same health care as every other American.

Republican Senator Tom Coburn tried to do the same thing.

No surprise — it didn’t happen.

Congress is protected.

That’s Reality Check.

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