MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Several residents have been staking out their spots for Delano’s Fourth of July parade since Monday, marking off areas of sidewalk with chalk and caution tape.

Why? One word: location.

Delano’s parade is one of the biggest and oldest in the state, and residents don’t like to watch it without some comfort.

Resident John Kinches has had a front-row seat to the parade for the last 15 years. He said many of those who have been marking off spots are looking for shade.

“It gets pretty hot out,” he said. That statement will likely hold true this year, as temperatures are expected to reach the 90s with considerable humidity.

Kinches said he spent some money this year to put up canopies to protect his family from the sun. The parade is something his family looks forward to all year and Kinches likes to make sure his lawn and plants look nice when the parade goes by.

“I get kind of primed a couple weeks before,” he said. “It’s hard work, gettin’ the yard looking nice.”

There’s also a large 4th of July parade in Richfield. But because of the extreme heat expected on Independence Day, Richfield is opening the ice arena for people to cool off and those marching in the high school band will not be wearing full uniforms.

If you want more information about general events and fireworks across the state, click here.


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