Talking Points: Ellison Says Allegations Are ‘Ridiculous’

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Congresswoman Michele Bachmann continues to not respond to critics who are upset with her comments linking government officials, including fellow Minnesota Congressman Keith Elison to Muslim extremists.

The Congresswoman is also not responding to reporters’ questions.

Her comments have been condemned by members of her own party, including Sen. John McCain and Speaker of the House John Boehner.

The Congresswoman is not only not backing down from her claims, she actually has stepped them up last week with her comments claiming Ellison has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Congressman Ellison says the allegations are ridiculous. He appeared today on WCCO Sunday Morning.

“This is not really a partisan thing, this is a member who is trusted as a member of Congress making wildly irresponsible statements that are dangerous, as John Behner said, and she needs to stop it,” he said. “At least stop it if she is held accountable in some other way. We’ll see but she needs to stop.”

But as heated as the controversy is, most political experts think Congresswoman Bachmann will win reelection.

Redistricting has made Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District even more conservative than it was. And fundraising numbers out this week show she is in very good shape.

The Congresswoman is in the top five of all members of Congress in fundraising the past two years. She raised more than $14 million and currently has more than $1 million on hand to finance her reelection campaign.

Congresswoman Bachmann’s spokesperson did not return our call for a comment from her.

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