Bite Of Minnesota: Crop Share Week

Quite a few years ago, I signed up for a bi-weekly crop share from a small organic farm (Loon Organics) getting their start in the farming business. It was so exciting to see how the box contents grew and evolved over the season and I had a blast creating new recipes from their outstanding produce. It’s actually one of the reasons I started blogging as I wanted to share my excitement with others and got tired of e-mailing pictures of my meals to family members.

As my involvement in the food community grew, I started going to the market each week and found less of a need for the plentiful crop share boxes. However, I still look back at that time with fondness and miss the excitement of opening that box each week.

crop share 1 crystal grobe Bite Of Minnesota: Crop Share Week

(credit: Crystal Grobe)

Lucky for me, a food blogging friend tipped me off to Belle Creek Gardens, a farm that has been selling extra crop shares each week for a mere $16. I claimed one immediately and picked up my box at a nearby co-op on Saturday afternoon.

I’ve already used quite a few ingredients. The large tomato went in a grilled cheese sandwich while the corn, peppers, mixed greens and cherry tomatoes went into a taco salad. Maybe by next week’s post I’ll have figured out what to do with the ground cherries. Any suggestions?

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