MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 38-year-old Minneapolis man has been charged with two counts of second-degree attempted murder in the luring and stabbing of two Minneapolis Park Police officers, according to charges filed Thursday.

According to the criminal complaint, just after 11:20 p.m. Tuesday, Marsenior Johnson lured police officers to the Minnehaha Parkway West at Bryant Avenue South with a fake report of a robbery.

The two responding officers, male and female, were waved down by Johnson just before 11:45 p.m. When Johnson was walking toward the officers, they saw that he had one of his hands concealed in a pocket. The male officer told Johnson to remove his hand from his pocket, but he did not comply and continued to approach them. When the male officer tried to push Johnson away, Johnson pulled out a knife and stabbed the male officer in the chest, the complaint said.

The male officer’s ballistic armor, however, prevented the knife from seriously injuring or killing him.

Then, Johnson began allegedly running and flailing the knife wildly toward the female officer, who was standing next to the squad car. She ducked to avoid the knife, but was stabbed in the back of the neck. She then fell to the ground and struck her head, which caused a large laceration and concussion.

Johnson stood over the female officer and was preparing to stab her again when the male officer fired his service weapon at Johnson – incapacitating him.

That night, Johnson told an investigator that he wanted to hurt police officers. He is still in custody and is receiving ongoing medical treatment at HCMC for his gunshot wounds.

The female officer, identified as Officer Hammes, was treated for her stab wound and concussion at HCMC and is now recovering at home. The male officer, Officer Huber, was also medically evaluated. They are both on standard paid administrative leave.

“This incident is a testament to the dangers police officers face on a daily basis,” said Jayne Miller of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. “Officers James Huber and Katherine Hammes responded to a robbery report, went to render aid and were viciously attacked. These officers reacted swiftly and courageously and we are extremely grateful they were not more seriously injured or killed. I commend these officers and our entire Police Department for their dedication and commitment to the park system and the community.”

Hammes joined the Minneapolis Park Police in April 2007 and was sworn in as a police officer in January 2008. Huber was hired by the Minneapolis Park Police in March 2001 and was sworn in as a police officer in February 2004.

If convicted, Johnson could serve up to 40 years in prison for each count.


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