By Mike Max

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (WCCO) – Cut down days have come and gone and Chris Kluwe’s still there. And he’s still doing what he’s done.

The Vikings’ Chris Kluwe is an almost unnoticed fixture with the team: he’s quiet on the field, and is interesting off.

But suddenly he’s become one of the most veteran players on the Vikings roster. Although he’s not high profile, he’s quite proficient.

“Just lay low, keep fooling them every year. And take it one game at a time, which is very cliché, but I mean in the NFL that’s what you got to do because you can be cut at any moment. So just go out and do your best every time,” Kluwe said.

Kluwe’s been mostly quiet, but according to head coach Leslie Frazier, he’s made splashes by getting outspoken through the social media.

“He definitely has his opinion about things and he tends to share it…but we’ve had some discussions and for the most part he’s adhered to some of the things that we’ve talked about and he’s handled himself pretty well over time now. I don’t want to speak too soon,” Frazier said.

And he’s got a band that he’s been with for years.

“We just started practicing again. Our singer was kind of sick for a while, so we had to wait for him to recover. But we’re looking to do some shows hopefully in late September, and then working on our fourth CD…got a lot of good reviews from guys on the team,” Kluwe said.

But mainly he punts, and all the sudden he’s even looked to by others.

“He’s constantly been a real good punter in our league. Glad he’s on our team. He’s become one of those guys who, in his own way, is a leader. Some of it because of his number of years in the league, and some of it because of the way he handles certain things,” Frazier said.

His life is kind of crazy, but also pretty straight forward: just do what you do really well, and you’ll be fine.

“All you have to do is be perfect every time you go out there [laughs]. It sounds easy, but the devil’s in the details,” he said.

The Vikings go back to work on Monday. Their first game is a week from Sunday against Jacksonville, which you can catch on WCCO-TV.

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