MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Pack up the daypack and clean off the camera lens. Hues of red, orange and gold are already starting to fill in the Minnesota landscape.

At our local state parks, certain varieties of trees and bushes are now yielding vibrant views.

Amy Barrett is the Public Information Officer for the Minnesota DNR.

“Out at Afton State Park, there’s a patch of sumac out there, that’s already peaking. It’s bright red and there’s some maple trees that are red,” said Barrett. “Over at Fort Snelling State Park, we’ve got lots of gold and yellows showing up in the cottonwoods, and the silver maples, and the ash trees.”

Typical peak color is nearly upon us in the Twin Cities, occurring in late September to early October. This year’s fall colors are set to produce a spectacular spectrum as our cool nights inspire crisp colors.

“There’s going to be a lot to see, we’ve had adequate rain through most parts of the state, through a large band, and we’ve had these sunny days like today, coupled with the cool nights and that’s really a perfect recipe for fall colors,” said Barrett.

It’s not only the trees and bushes that produce snap-worthy shades, grasses also add to fall’s flair. Barrett indicates that native prairie grasses will change color as well, some into shades of bright purple.

Also, in the DNR’s opinion, the best things don’t always come to those who wait as Barrett states, “some varieties are already peaking now, like the sumac at Afton State Park, is bright red, so you should get out there and see it this weekend, before it turns brown!”

To see the DNR’s current fall color report, click here.


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