DEERWOOD, Minn. (WCCO) — A Minnesota family wants answers after they say their boys were badly hurt by a leftover firework.

Nash and Luke Glomski didn’t know what they found two weeks ago but taking a closer look landed both of them in the hospital.

They had some time to kill before supper two weeks ago. As close brothers do, the 12- and 13-year-old spent it together exploring their small town of Deerwood.

“Boys are always curious about what’s in front of them,” Nash Glomski said. “We saw sticks and fuses then the onion.”

Glomski thought he’d give Luke a closer look at what he thought was an onion.

“All of a sudden I hear this huge explosion. It rattled my tools. It sounded like it went off next to the garage,” said Mike Glomski, their father.

The blast came from four blocks away. A neighbor found the boys in bad shape.

“He said your son just blew his hand off,” Mike said.

It’s still hard to look at their scars. Nash lost his thumb, broke his wrist and has a steel plate in his arm.

Luke has chemical burns on his left hand and a blind spot in his eye.

“I had an inch-long piece inside my lip, of shrapnel by my lip,” Luke said.

What may hurt the most is why they think this happened at all.

“It’s hard to deal with because if we broke a law, we’d have to fess up to it,” Mike said.

The leftovers of a summer celebration from mid-August still litter the town’s recycling center.

“It’s public property. No fences. No trespassing signs. Nothing,” Mike said.

The event ends each year with a big fireworks display.

This year, it was up to the Crosby Fire Department to shoot them off. The law says it’s up to them to clean up. The Crosby Fire Chief told us he couldn’t comment for our story.

The Deerwood Police Department is handling the investigation. He said it’s too early to know if a firework’s to blame, even though they found some of its remnants along with another live device at the scene.

Police do say even a month later, static electricity is enough to set off whatever may have been left.

Harry Gottsch is the chief of police in Deerwood.

“This is supposed to be a fun-filled weekend. This is the last thing we need to have happened if it’s caused from fireworks,” Gottsch said.

Attorney Jim Heuer, Jr. sees it clearly as a case that could have been prevented.

“We will be looking for some responsibility from the agencies that put this event on,” Heuer said.

He’s representing the family to help them get the money they’ll need to cover the boys’ medical care.

Doctors were able to re-attach Nash’s thumb but don’t know how much movement he’ll get back.

The brothers have a long way to go. Their family is just thankful it wasn’t worse.

“If I would’ve lost them I don’t know what I would have done,” Mike said.


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