MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s a very emotional issue that’s divided families in Minnesota. The marriage amendment defining marriage between one man and one woman will be decided in November.

WCCO’s Susie Jones went behind the ballot to explain what happens if the marriage amendment fails. She talked with families on both sides of the issue.

Life is very hectic for Sara, Abby and their three children, all under the age of 3. The two have been together for 8 years. Sara says the marriage amendment is important to them, not just for just legal reasons.

“We are ultimately responsible for each other,” Sara said. “So we are there through thick and thin the same way that heterosexual couples are when they get married. And it’s really important to us that our community supports us and supports them.”

Sara will vote no on the amendment, which if passed, would ban same sex marriage and make the ban part of the state constitution.

Professor Dale Carpenter is with the University of Minnesota law school. He says it’s important to note that same sex marriage is already illegal in Minnesota.

“It’s like a triple bolt on a door that’s already shut and locked twice,” said Carpenter, referring to the amendment.

He says in other state’s where same sex marriage has been legalized, there’s been a positive reaction.

“They don’t see how this is going to affect their marriages. They don’t believe the happiness of someone down the block is of any threat to them,” he said.

Carpenter believes if same sex marriage is legalized, it would have no negative impact on heterosexual couples. Those in favor of the amendment disagree, and say banning gay marriage is in the best interest of society.


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