MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minneapolis Police Department is alerting north Minneapolis residents to a rash of burglaries.

According to Minneapolis Police, there has been 22 residential burglaries Minneapolis’ Fourth Precinct since September 30. Nearly half of the burglaries are concentrated in a band between 42nd and 44th Avenues North from Vincent to Emerson. Another concentration is located in Lind-Bohanon Neighborhood from 45th to 51st Avenues North.

In 16 of the cases, the houses were burglaries during the daylight hours while homes were unoccupied.

Most of the homes were accessed by kicking or forcing open a back or side door, through an unsecure window or by pushing in window air conditioners.

Anyone with information on these burglaries is asked to call the Fourth Precinct Property Crimes Unit at 612-673-5714.

Minneapolis Police give the following tips:

• Never leave your home or personal property unsecured. Always lock all doors and windows when you leave home. Always keep your garage secured and locked.

• Don’t leave your back door unlocked while doing yard work in the front and vice versa. Do not leave valuables on porches or other unsecured areas of the home.

• Use double cylinder deadbolt locks with 6″ strike plates and 3″ screws on all exterior doors. Deadbolts should have at least a 1″ throw. Pin your double-hung windows or have auxiliary locks added to them.

• Alert your neighbors and block club members to the problem and be sure to watch out for each other. Remember, the majority of burglars who are caught in the act are caught because a neighbor reported seeing something suspicious.

• Call 911 to report suspicious activity. This includes strangers walking down your alley and looking in garages, loitering, or vehicles circling the block with occupants you don’t recognize.

• Burglars commonly knock on doors to see if anyone is home. Please call 911 to report any suspicious persons who knock on your door or ring your doorbell. For example, someone offering to mow your lawn that doesn’t have a lawn mower is suspicious.

• If you are burglarized, do not contaminate the crime scene. Do not enter your home until police have cleared it of possible suspects. Do not touch any suspected entry points or items that may have been moved by the burglar. Do not “clean up” until after police have investigated.

• Ask your crime prevention specialist to conduct a free Home Security Survey. They will give you many tips and ideas for making your home more secure and less vulnerable.


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