MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Video has been released that shows a professional wrestler springing into action on a light rail train in order to stop a potential crime.

Former WWE star Shawn Daivari is known by wrestling fans as just “Daivari.” He gained his reputation as a Middle Eastern bad guy with a good choke hold.

Who would have thought he’d have to use those wrestling moves in real life?

Daivari was on the Hiawatha line heading to the airport. He was sitting, wearing a red shirt when a guy wearing a backpack, Levin Blair, started causing trouble on the train after he stood in the way of a joining passenger.

Daivari said that Blair was already drunk and unruley when a man with a bike asked him to move, so he could hang it up.

When Blair got confrontational, the passenger with the bike pressed the emergency call button in the train car.

Witnesses say Blair began swearing and threatening passengers.

That’s when Daivari stepped in and put Blair in what’s called a rear-naked choke hold.

The altercation was over when Daivari threw Blair off the train at the next stop.

Police found him there at the Lake Street station. They thought he was the victim in the situation.

After speaking with passengers, they later found out that Blair was the aggressor, but no one wanted to press charges.

Metro Transit said the situation was handled correctly.

In emergency situations like this, they say press the emergency call button, call 911 and move away from the disturbance. But they don’t recommend that people take matters into their own hands.

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