After reading last week’s blog a good friend said, “I hope someday I get to read a happy blog from you.” He’s right, I’m a happy person. If you’ve listened to my show you know we laugh a lot. This blog is free therapy for me but I’d love to share a happy moment with you and I’d like to hear yours.

Last month I was short on funds (see meltdown blog). I explained to my children we wouldn’t be buying too many extra things for a few weeks, only the necessities. To my surprise they totally got it. So much so that when my 9-year-old lost a tooth a few days later she said, “I don’t want the Tooth Fairy to bring me money for this tooth, (she glanced at her two younger siblings as her 9-year-old brain scanned for a lie a 6 and 5 year old would believe) because I don’t want the Tooth Fairy to run out of money.” (They bought it.) I could have afforded the dollar the tooth fairy usually leaves but this was a molar so I’d have to up the stakes, yet I was intrigued about what she wanted.

She continued, “I want the Tooth Fairy to leave me a coupon for Mom to come and have lunch with me and my class one day at school.”


The Gratitude Fairy, the Acceptance Fairy, the Unconditional Love Fairy, the Resilience Fairy, the Support Fairy, the Forgiveness Fairy, the Thankfulness Fairy, the Reason I Had Kids Fairy had all flown into the room and were flinging pixie dust so thick around us my eyes welled up as much as my heart.

Her sentiment, her mature understanding of the situation, her lack of selfishness, her successful attempt at support while still protecting her brother and sister’s innocence were overwhelming. Not to mention the fact that she still thinks I’m cool and wants me to chill with her friends! Wow.

As parents (especially, insane, working, going through a divorce parents) we rarely ever receive confirmation that we may be doing something right. But there she was, my very own 9-year-old Confirmation Fairy. Thank you.

After her request, which I will forever use to define myself as a parent, (she can’t un-say it, even when she wants to emancipate at age 11) there were hugs all around. My two littles also wanted ‘Mom-lunch’ coupons, which I gladly provided. We planned a day to cash in the coupons and my 9-year-old whispered, “When you come for lunch can you also bring candy?” The Candy Fairy will be generous.


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