RICHFIELD, Minn. (WCCO) — People are already lining up for holiday shopping deals. Yes, already. At the Best Buy store in Richfield, two tents are up and two anxious shoppers are waiting it out.

“I’ve been doing this for 15 years,” said Joe Geary, a Black Friday shopper. “I have it down to a (science).”

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Edgar Linares Reports

Geary was the first to set up camp Monday morning. He has a few Christmas stockings dangling from the roof of his tent and a small Santa Clause statue stands at the front of the line. He calls it his mascot.

Behind Geary’s tent is Charity Ganbaatar who is waiting in shifts with her husband. They arrived several hours after Geary. Ganbaatar is studying medical assisting, so she brought 20 pounds of homework to keep busy. She and Geary became friends in 2009 when they waited in line at the same Best Buy store.

“My husband does it every year and I end up following suit,” said Ganbaatar. “My husband does not buy anything for himself. He does it all for the excitement of being out here. This year we’re getting TVs for my sisters.”

Geary says he waits in line to get gifts for friends in need. He works for the Bureau of Indian Education.

“I’ll pick up one or two thing for myself and the rest I give away,” said Geary.

What Geary really enjoys is the connection with other shoppers. Every year he brings pastries and coffee for people that join the line.

Geary plans to celebrate Thanksgiving on Friday with his family.

Some of the deals Best Buy shoppers are waiting for include a 40-inch HD Toshiba television for $179.99 and Toshiba Blu-ray player for $39.99. Also, there’s a Samsung laptop for $349.95.

Black Friday shopping begins at Best Buy at midnight Thanksgiving night.

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