MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – We’re more than 12 hours into the New Year, so have you already broken any New Year’s resolutions yet?

Here are the top five resolutions people make: The 5th most popular goal for the New Year is to ‘enjoy life more.’ That’s followed by quitting smoking and losing weight. Along with that comes the second-most popular resolution, which is to get more exercise into your daily routine.

The top New Year’s resolution: Spend more time with family and friends.

We asked a few Minnesotans about the New Year’s resolutions they’re making in 2013.

One person said they wanted more peace, while another said he would like to be a better father. One person actually said they would like to gain about 40 pounds because they are skinny and it’s not cool in the winter time.

One person said they would like to be more environmentally friendly by using reusable bag are anything else they can do. Another person said they recently went vegetarian and want to try it for the full year.

One woman said she wanted to be married to her husband forever, and finally, another person said they would like to eat less candy.

Some people are calling this “Commitment Day.” More than 7,000 people signed up to run a 5K today in Minneapolis that Lifetime Fitness organized. The runners who kept the commitment despite the cold temperatures started at the Metrodome and ran along the Mississippi River.

They are committing to a healthier way of life The initiative is taking place in more than 30 cities across the country.

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