MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Friday night at home with her daughters Jaida and Ana was what Kristine Ramos-Walker was really looking forward to. She wasn’t due for another 12 days, but just after 7 p.m. she started having contractions.

“I thought I had time. I thought I had a lot of time. And then all of the sudden, they got really strong and really close,” said Ramos-Walker.

That’s when 6-year-old Jaida called her dad. Michael Walker was at a restaurant with friends in St. Paul, 20 miles away.

“Jaida said, ‘Mommy’s in labor. You need to get home.’ But I thought we had about 10 hours, 8 hours. So I was kind of lollygagging and waiting for my bill to pay and then I was going to walk to my car,” said Walker.

But the baby wasn’t waiting. Ramos-Walker went into labor in her own bathroom.

“She was screaming, and I was crying. I didn’t want to hear that. I was too scared,” said Jaida.

“When I told them to call 911 I felt the head and I knew I wasn’t going to make it into the car at all,” said Ramos-Walker.

Five-year-old Ana was the one who called 911, telling them: “My mommy’s having a baby!”

“They started asking her questions and they asked her the address,” said Ramos-Walker. “And she said… ‘Jaida, I don’t know!’ So Jaida took the phone and gave them the address.”

No sooner did she do that than the newest addition to the Walker family was born in his parents’ bathroom.

“You know. One hour of labor is not bad, after all,” said Ramos-Walker.

Paramedics arrived shortly after and took the new mother and her son to the hospital. Michael Veron Walker II weighed 6 pounds, 13 ounces.

Doctors say he is a perfectly healthy baby. His parents can only hope he’s as quick-thinking as his big sisters.

“They are pretty smart girls. They get it from their mom, a little from their dad. They pay attention to a lot of stuff, so I think they were ready to jump into action when needed. And that’s what they did,” said Walker.

“They are my heroes. I’m absolutely proud of them,” said Ramos-Walker.


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