Turn This New Brew Green: Shot Beer

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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Beef stew, corn beef and cabbage — none of it would be complete without a green beer.

And there’s a new brewer in town, focusing on lagers. This isn’t your father’s beer, meet newcomer Shot Beer.

“Really, the difference is the fermentation of yeast – ales are fermented from the top. Lagers are fermented from the bottom,” Scott Schwalbe said.

Most craft beers on the market are ales, generally a little darker in color and easy to flavor.

But Schwalbe came up with a lager.

“The lager beer drinkers tend to like to drink beer any day that ends in ‘y,'” Schwalbe said.

There are two kinds, a light and a regular. Shot Beer lagers are usually a little more yellowish or gold in color, meaning this weekend it will be easier for lagers to go green.

Three to four drops should do the trick.

And if you’re cooking up some traditional fare this weekend, ales will go well with the stew and lager will be best for corned beef, Schwalbe said.

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