APPLE VALLEY, Minn. (WCCO) – You can’t talk about college basketball in Minnesota without talking about the state’s top talent – Tyus Jones. The Apple Valley junior is the most coveted point guard in the country. But you ought to know about one of his teammates.

He’s a state champion, team captain, two-time all-conference selection, school record holder for threes and a top-five scorer in Apple Valley history.

But Dustin Fronk might best be known as Apple Valley’s other guard.

“We would go at it, a lot. Just growing up, since we were kids, even now in high school. Just competitive,” Fronk said.

He is an all-star. On most any other team, he’d be the star. But when your backcourt mate is in such a bright spotlight, you can’t help but be a bit swallowed up by the shadow.

“There’s a sacrifice to it. I mean, being the second guy or the third guy on some nights. But in my opinion, it’s worth it. We went 30-1, we had a great season,” he said. “Our games are always packed, and we won a state championship. And it’s great for myself, it’s great for our team, it’s great for our school.”

Fronk’s got the right attitude, and he quietly embraces his role as one of the best three-point shooters in the state – at a 41-percent clip. For that, he thanks his father.

“Actually when I was younger, he used to not let me shoot on a 10-foot hoop until I was strong enough to have the right form. So, it all started with him,” he said.

And it ended with a state title.

“It was the best feeling,” he said. “I think it’ll really hit me when the banner falls. Or when, 20 years later, when I can just look back on pictures and think of all the great memories that we had together.”

Forget being forgotten. Fronk is in the business of making memories.


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