MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota’s Rep. Michele Bachmann said Tuesday she’s confident she will be cleared in an ethics investigation into her 2012 presidential campaign.

The Office of Congressional Ethics is reportedly investigating whether Bachmann’s failed campaign made illegal payments to political consultants.

In her first public comments about the investigation, Bachmann called the investigation politically motivated because she’s a political target for Democrats.

“Well, they are absolutely not true. There’s political motivations involved because I have been named as the No. 1 target to defeat by the Democrat party for Nancy Pelosi and also by Super PACs. No one can know anyone’s thoughts or intents,” Bachmann said. “But clearly it looks like it is politically motivated and it’s not true and I am working very closely with the people that are involved to make sure we answer all the questions and we get to the bottom of it. I am thoroughly convinced that I will be cleared.”

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released a statement late Tuesday afternoon, citing a report that Bachmann ducked questions about the ethics investigation.

“Congresswoman Bachmann will remain vulnerable as long as she continues to pursue the politics of gridlock in Washington in her never-ending quest for another national headline,” said Brandon Lorenz of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “No matter how much Congresswoman Bachmann ducks the tough questions in Minnesota, she can’t hide from her record of a pending ethics investigation and voting against Minnesota’s middle class to raise Medicare costs by thousands.”

If the allegations are found to be credible, they could result in sanctions by the U.S. House.


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