MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Old Man Winter is getting a bit too clingy.

While it might seem like spring is far from reality, experts say there could be buds on the trees by the end of the week.

Mike Anderson’s Lawn Care business is on hold right now.

“It’s gone on too long for everybody,” Anderson said.

In a typical year he’s pulling out the mowers by next week, the first week of May, but on Tuesday they’re still parked.

He does, however, see signs of hope in his own yard.

“It’s looking greener to me than it was a week ago,” he said.

He said warmer temperatures, plus melting April snow showers, means the grass will be greener in May.

“Once things warm up, it’s really going to start growing fast,” he said.

It’s not just the yard that will take off — trees will, too.

“You’ll probably see a lot of buds open on your trees and shrubs,” Kim Gaida-Wagener of Dundee Nursery said.

Dundee Nursery also hopes it will soon get shoppers springing into the store.

“I have all kinds of stuff that’s in full leaf, full color, full bloom … and they’re going to sit in the green house,” she said.

When it comes to preventing crab grass, or planting beautiful greenhouse blooms, you’ll need to wait.

“The soil temperature is still cold,” Gaida-Wagener said.

Landscape projects are also on hold because the ground is still frozen four feet down.

However, allergy sufferers might want to stock up on antihistamine.

Allergy experts say tree pollen counts are already at moderate levels, and a warm up will make those rise.

Plus more of us will want to get outside, exposing us to those allergens.


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