MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota’s second largest lake is making national headlines Monday morning.

Viewers in the area of Lake Mille Lacs sent us some pretty captivating video. High winds on Saturday blew huge chunks of ice into homes and businesses along the shore.

A lot of viewers sent us videos and pictures as the ice started rolling across the green grass and into buildings. In some areas, it piled up 30 feet high. We were just days away from seeing a new record for ice-out on Lake Mille Lacs. It was set on May 15, 1950.

If not for the wind, they very well may have broken that record because some of the chunks of ice were a foot thick.

Gallery: Lake Mille Lacs Ice Surge

“The day of the (fishing) opener this all happened. I can’t believe this, it’s unreal,” said one resident.

“It crackled and crackled. Neighbors all got up and went to look at it,” said another resident.

Workers with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources brought in bulldozers that were able to help a little and clear the ice. They spent the weekend moving the ice away from foundations, so they don’t flood when it all melts.

And it will be gone soon with a warm-up this week.


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