MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There were flashes in Rodney Williams’ career with the Gophers, but it was not sustained consistency.

So he’s now on the circuit that stopped at Target Center on Wednesday, trying to prove to the NBA that he deserves a shot.

Williams plays the game with athleticism and he’s exciting to watch. But now he’s learning at a new level.

“You got to put in extra time in the gym to go out there and compete with the best,” Williams said.

Maybe he’s realizing through all these offseason workouts, that more time in the gymnasium just shooting a basketball along the way would have presented him with a better future.

Gopher alum Flip Saunders was watching Williams closely and detected a flawed game, and the reality that the athlete didn’t separate himself.

“His ball skills have to improve, his shooting skills need to improve,” Saunders said. “Everyone knows he’s a good athlete, but at this level you don’t get by with just athleticism.”

What if Williams wish he would have spent more time working on his game? He was asked just that.

“Every once in a while I think that,” he said. “But I have to look forward. I can’t take back what I did or didn’t do.”


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