MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Mitchell Scott is 11 years old.

“He loves baseball,” says his mom, Gerri. “He loves going to the games, he loves playing the games. He would play all day if you let him.”

“I like to hit,” Mitchell says.

He has down syndrome.

“He would love to be with his peers playing,” Gerri said, “but it’s hard.”

But the Miracle League gives him that opportunity. Friday, he was buddied up with Alex Kendall, an all-star pitcher from St. John’s Prep, for a game combining the Miracle Leaguers with the Minnesota High School All-Star Series.

“They asked us if we’d come help out and play,” Kendall said. “And we said, for sure. Lot of fun.”

“Having the high school buddies, (Mitchell) really likes that too,” Gerri said. “The kids have so much fun, and they walk away from it all feeling so good about themselves. It’s just awesome.”

There’s only a few rules in the Miracle League. Everybody bats, everybody gets a hit, everybody scores, everybody wins.

And everybody smiles.

“I like it,” Mitchell says.

If you’re interested in getting your child involved in the Miracle League, or in supporting the program, visit miracleleaguemn.com.


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