MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Jim Ertl from Park Rapids wants to know: Is pop music still popular?

If you look at the Arbitron radio ratings, it appears pop music – at least in Minneapolis and St. Paul – reigns.

The stations with the top listenership are KS95, KDWB, KQRS, KOOL 108, and K102, in that order.

The highest rated news and sports stations come in between 11th and 13th.


Brian Perra from Andover wants to know: Why does fresh-cut grass smell?

According to Sam Bauer, an urban turfgrass expert with the University of Minnesota Extension, fresh-cut grass smells due to the release of volatile compounds, including methanol, ethanol, acetone, acetaldehyde, hexanal and hexenyl acetates.

Some of these compounds are released as a defense mechanism to stimulate the production of lignin and cell-wall proteins. Others are simply released as the grass is cut.


Paula Nystrom from Coon Rapids wants to know: What is the succession order of the British monarchy?

The succession order was set by British law back in the early 1700s, but was recently changed so males wouldn’t be given priority.

That means if Prince William and Kate Middleton’s child is a girl, she will be third in line to succeed the throne, between Princes William and Harry.

The law is not retroactive, so it will only affect children born after the law was passed in 2012.

According to the official website of the British Monarchy, the succession order is as follows:

1. The Prince of Wales (Prince Charles)
2. The Duke of Cambridge (Prince William)
3. Prince Henry of Wales
4. The Duke of York (Prince Andrew)
5. Princess Beatrice of York
6. Princess Eugenie of York
7. The Earl of Wessex (Prince Edward)
8. Viscount Severn
9. The Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor
10. The Princess Royal (Princess Anne)


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