MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) —  The most famous Minnesota Twin is celebrating the arrival of his own Minnesota twins.

Joe Mauer’s wife Maddie gave birth Wednesday to twin girls.

Emily and Maren arrived just hours after their dad rushed back from a team road trip in Los Angeles.

Maddie went into labor five weeks early, and the family is asking for privacy as they haven’t yet said how the girls are doing.

What is known is Joe’s currently on paternity leave, which is relatively new for Major League Baseball.

Since 2011, players can take up to three days’ leave.

Studies show that paid paternity leave of any length is rare in the United States, and even when it’s offered some new fathers don’t take advantage of it.

Only 13 percent of employers offer paid paternity leave, compared to 53 percent of employers who offer paid maternity leave.

A recent survey of college professors found only 12 percent of men took advantage of paid leave, while 69 percent of women did.

Studies have found that men fear their dedication to their jobs will be questioned and that colleagues will disapprove.

Alex Lee said he can’t understand that.

When his daughter Ava was born, he was on active duty with the U.S. military and he took the two weeks paid leave offered.

“It was a chance to witness her first few days of life and get used to having a new baby at home,” he said.

As for non-player employees for the Twins, they’re offered five weeks paternity leave for the birth or adoption of a child, exactly what they offer new moms.

That’s one of the best paternity leaves WCCO could find.

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