MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – One week after two Minneapolis Police officers were suspended after being accused of using racial slurs in Green Bay, three other officers are accused of using racial slurs in another bar fight.

The latest instance occurred last November in Apple Valley. Police paperwork shows there are again accusations of racial slurs, but the officers involved deny using such language.

The Apple Valley incident unfolded at Bogart’s Place, when group of white men walked out of the bar, three of which are said to be off-duty officers: Andrew Allen, Christopher Bennett and William Woodis.

Soon after, they were being questioned by Apple Valley officers after several black men accused their group of trying to pick a fight.

The written statements claim their threats were physical and verbal, with one report claiming the use of the n-word. Another says the phrases were less direct, saying, “You don’t belong here,” and “Your kind aren’t welcome here.”

The officers in question deny all of the racial allegations, claiming they never happened and there’s no proof.

In the end, the officers were ticketed. Allen’s case was dismissed, while Bennett and Woodis pleaded guilty of disorderly conduct.

The officers are still employed by Minneapolis Police.

Chief Janee Harteau announced Friday she will be working with the city’s director of civil rights and religious leaders to try and restore faith in the Minneapolis Police Department.

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