MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Part of working out, is the recovery. Today we are looking at a technique to help with that process.

You don’t even have to work out to get benefits from VooDoo flossing. We decided to give it a test.

So what exactly is VooDoo flossing? Chris Clark with Tiger Fitness said the bands are the latest technique in fitness. The bands are called VooDoo flossing. It’s a high level compression through a piece of rubber band that’s easy to use.

Clarks said it creates blood flow and muscle activation in a particular area of your body that you’re working on. So why would you want to use them?

“Muscle regeneration is really important. Any time you have inflammation or pain in the area, we need to get rid of the inflammation and do a corrective exercise to get the muscle to move properly,” Clark said. “This assists in that area very easily.”

It takes just a few minutes to feel great after using VooDoo flossing, Clark said.

The key to it all is that athletes need to take care of their muscles at an earlier level so they don’t develop a chronic or overuse injury. With the bands, you’re taking the muscle and just squeezing it and getting all the bad stuff out, and then letting it back in. Clark said you then do a corrective exercise to allow you to move more freely with less pain.

VooDoo flossing is used to clean and lengthen the muscle. How long do you leave these on for? Clark said anywhere from one to 5 minutes. It’s beneficial for anyone who wears high heels or suffers from plantar fasciitis.

How much do they cost? $18 and you can do this right at home. Clark said one very important thing to remember during your exercise: Sore is good, pain is bad.


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