Good Question ‘Reply All’: Hair Nets, Days Of The Week & Buttons

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Don from Brooklyn Park, Minn., asked: If you work in a restaurant, are you required to wear a hair net?

According to the Minnesota Food Code, people preparing food have to wear something to restrain their hair, whether it be a hat, hairnet or some other kind of hair restraint. They must also wear a beard restraint and clothing that covers their body hair.

This code does not apply to people serving only beverages or other packaged foods, hosts or waitstaff. The Minnesota Department of Health says it has never had to launch an investigation due to hair in food and consider these policies less health related, but more best practices.

Dave from Cottage Grove wanted to know: How did the days of the week get their names?

Sunday is named after the sun, and Monday relates to the moon. All of the other days have to go with mythological gods.

— Tuesday: Tiu or Tyr, a god of war
— Wednesday: the Norse god Odin
— Thursday: Thos, the Norse god of thunder
— Friday: Freya or Frigg, a goddess of love
— Saturday: Saturn, Roman god of agriculture.

Different languages do have different translations or relate the days to different gods.

Marian from Longville asked: Why do men’s and women’s shirts button on the opposite sides?

Back in the Victorian era, women wore fancy clothes with a lot of buttons. Upper-class women were often dressed by their servants and putting the buttons on the opposite side made it easier to be dress. The tradition simply continued.


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