MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Janee Harteau is the chief of police in Minneapolis, where she’s trying to stop violence in the city. She told WCCO’s Roshini Rajkumar that currently there are 779 officers on the street, but she would like more.

“We are trying to engage neighborhoods and community members, so they essentially put ourselves out of business. We’re ensuring that we can empower residents to police their own neighborhoods.” Harteau said.

As far as the notion that there are just a few families causing all the crime, she said it’s true to some extent, but also there are other factors contributing to gun violence.

“Young people have too much to drink at a party, and there’s a conflict and they reach for a gun,” she said.

The chief also responded briefly to a recent incident involving a well-known Minneapolis peace activist who is behind bars after an altercation with police.

Al Flowers, 55, was arrested at his home on Saturday. His family claims that Flowers was injured to his head and torso during the arrest.

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“Things come out immediately with whatever people want to say. They fuel the fire, and the truth comes out a few days later and it’s back page news. If I could say more, I absolutely would,” she said.


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