FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. (WCCO) — Seeing all the animals out here is an experience as essential as grabbing a Pronto Pup, visitng the Grandstand or eating Sweet Martha’s Cookies.

So what’s the best animal exhibit in Minnesota? You voted to send Natalie Nyhus to the most adorable place at the fair — the CHS Miracle of Birth Center!

“The CHS Miracle of Birth Center is all about agriculture education. It’s the goal of the Minnesota FFA, the Minnesota Veterinarian Medical Association and the University of Minnesota Veterinarian Medical students to teach the public all about animal agriculture through showing the miracle of birth,” Leadership Development Coordinator Lavyne Rada said.

And it’s incredibly popular, drawing over a million people each year.

“The second you walk in, you’ll see animals and people everywhere. Right as you walk in you can see our rabbits, chicks that are hatching, ducklings that have already hatched,” Rada said. “We also have goats, sheep, pigs and dairy cows that are calving.”

It’s just like on the farm.

“We breed them just enough before the fair so they are timed to give birth at the fair,” Rada said.

For instance, pigs are pregnant for three months, three weeks and three days before giving birth.

While Natalie got some great advice from the new mothers at the Miracle of Birth Center, most people just come to see the cute babies.

“I think everyone really like to see newborn animals,” Rada said. “It melts your heart every time you get to see an animal born. From the very beginning, you can’t argue with the miracle of life.”

The CHS Miracle of Birth Center is the most popular free exhibit on the fairgrounds. It debuted in 2001 and moved to its current location just east of the Warner Coliseum in 2006.

  1. S Strand says:

    In all reasoning, are there fairs in Africa, with American citizens peddling their wares? I am growing weary of the brain function that insists Minnesotans must apologize for the history, that did not decades ago include relocated peoples of another continent, by Bill Clinton. Why are people so blatantly STUPID, today? Thius country is doomed from the constant barrage of idiocy. God, help us!

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