Internet Pokes Fun At Bored Couple At The State Fair

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – An image from the Minnesota State Fair briefly captured the attention of the internet on Tuesday when it appeared on the front page of one of the web’s biggest sites.

The photo – which shows a Millennial-aged couple looking bored, if not outright miserable, on the Sky Glider – rose to the top of, in a subsection where online pranksters edit images in “Photoshop Battle” contests.

The image from the Great Minnesota Get-Together spawned more than 1,000 comments and hundreds of edits. Its original shows a young couple cruising by the Grandstand on the chairlift-like ride. The blonde young woman is causally checking her phone while her apparent boyfriend is staring blankly toward Machinery Hill, bored beyond thought.

The Photoshop Battle contestants poked fun at the couple, who didn’t appear, at that moment, to be enjoying the 12-day celebration of all things Minnesota. One photo prankster highlighted the image of Millennial disenfranchisement by adding explosions, along with the caption, “So boring…” Another guessed that perhaps the young man wished he’d gone untethered to the fair.

(credit: Reddit user Fairchild660)

(credit: Reddit user Fairchild660)

(credit: Reddit user ColorIsNotReal)

(credit: Reddit user ColorIsNotReal)

Others got more imaginative.

One placed the unimpressed man in the classic “Lunch atop a Skyscraper” photo. Another put Jeff Daniels’ character from “Dumb and Dumber” next to the bored male fair-goer, his tongue stuck to the chairlift. And, of course, there were memes. Enter “Sad Keanu.”

(credit: Reddit user jackfdonaghy)

(credit: Reddit user jackfdonaghy)

(credit: Reddit user BrotherSeamus)

(credit: Reddit user BrotherSeamus)

While the couple in the original photo did indeed look to be over the fair, the 2016 Great Minnesota Get-Together was the most-attended Minnesota State Fair in history. Fair officials said 1,943,719 people went to this year’s celebration.

So even if two young people pictured above may not have enjoyed it, at least the internet put their misery on a stick.


One Comment

  1. Honestly, they look tired. The Fair is hot and busy, they might have just been like, “there are no benches, it’s crowded and we need to get away from the people for a bit.”

    1. S Strand says:

      Exactly. Perhaps the chairs are being loaded for the Ferris Wheel, and it is time consuming. Maybe they are trying to read an article on this news site that keep crashing because of the overload of ads thrown at the readers.

  2. The original photo was taken by Gabrielle Bremer of MN. You can see it at Through the Lens Photography on Facebook.

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