DFL Petitions Minn. Supreme Court To Remove Trump From Ballot

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Democrats in Minnesota are asking the state’s Supreme Court to pull the Trump-Pence ticket from the state’s official ballot this November.

The filing — submitted to the court Thursday night — argues that the Minnesota Republican Party failed to nominate “alternate presidential electors,” during its party convention last May.

Presidential Electors

As part of the presidential nomination process, each party is required to give the Minnesota Secretary of State three names: the party’s candidates for president and vice president, 10 presidential electors, and 10 alternate presidential electors.

Those presidential electors are key to the country’s electoral college process that determines the winner of the presidential election. Each state gets a predetermined number of electoral votes, and Minnesota gets 10.

Those votes, however, aren’t just numbers — they’re real people. Party delegates vote at a convention to pick 10 “presidential electors” to cast Minnesota’s electoral votes — as per state law — should their presidential candidate win in the state. Delegates must also vote to pick 10 alternate presidential electors, should the former be unable to fulfill their duties.

The DFL’s Case

In its filing, the DFL argues the state GOP failed to elect its alternate presidential electors at its May convention in Duluth. In early August, the filing says the Minnesota Secretary of State (who oversees elections) notified Republican officials that they didn’t have the names of those alternates.

The incident raised some eyebrows among local politicos, who noticed the Secretary of State’s sample ballot didn’t include the Trump-Pence ticket. Republican officials later assured the media that it had fixed the problem with the Secreatary of State, and soon the sample ballot was corrected.

But the DFL says Republican officials only resolved the issue by selecting its alternate electors later that month in a closed-door meeting — and not in an election by the party’s delegates. Thus, Minnesota Democrats say, Republicans violated state law and the Secretary of State should not have corrected the mistake.

The filing says the Republican nominees for president and vice president are ineligible to appear on the November ballot, as state law inexorably ties them with presidential electors and alternate electors.

What’s Next

The court will have to issue a ruling soon, as the state’s ballot is finalized within the coming weeks. The case will likely cause a big fuss among lawmakers and party leaders in the months leading up to an already bitter election.


One Comment

  1. David Harris says:

    Wouldn’t the DFL WANT Trump to be on the ballot? After all, they have been saying for months how awful he is, and so he would probably hurt the GOP down-ballot candidates. Are they now changing their minds? Do they now think that Trump might actually HELP attract people to vote for Republicans?! Surely the DFL has not lost faith in Hillary’s historic election as the first woman president! They haven’t started to doubt her appeal, have they?!

  2. Randall C says:

    oh this is just petty. they are crossing their fingers that they can be the only party on the ballot.

  3. NorgeX says:

    VERY encouraging!! The D__b F____ing Liberal party would do this ONLY if they knew that MN was really in play! They are coming to the realization that all the polls are wrong because all the polls ONLY include “likely voters”, ie: people who have a track record of voting. Their worst fear is that Trump is going to bring a large segment of the 45% of Americans who have never voted to the polls. They also know that those previous non-voters are NOT going to be voting for lyin’ Hillary. They think the only way to stop a Trump landslide is to remove him from the ballot. Silly liberals.

  4. S Strand says:

    What ever this incomplete cry baby group, of spineless mutants of the US citizen thinks is their God given right…oh I forgot. Most likely God never factors in, into their lives. Whatever it takes for EVIL to finish off the United States of America, and reduce it to shambles by those that worked so hard to destroy it. If Bill clinton and his puppet hillary win, most likely we will go into a civil war; that is my belief, and at this point of writing, I am still free to express it. God save our Country and may Fonald Trump be our Commander in Chief!

    1. S Strand says:

      Donal Trump, for all those just waiting to point out a keyboard error made in the early morning.

  5. Liberals trying to re-write history to their agenda.

  6. dan w says:

    The Secretary of State should find some other way to punish the state GOP and just leave Trump on the ballot, he can’t win Minnesota anyway so it won’t matter…

  7. kim e says:

    Can anyone say write in vote if they don’t appear on the ballot?? DFL is running scared…they’re even losing the Iron Range….

  8. leftofright says:

    In the backwards state of MN, Trump let alone any republican never had a chance anyway. Let the DFL spin their wheels and waste time pulling him from the ballot. If the republicans really did mess up that bad, then it explains why they cannot win an election in Minnesota. It is so sad to think that the Democrats are actually wasting their time on this. Either they are trying to make a point, or they fear that Trump (who really is not a republican) may actually take Minnesota… In either case, a waste of your time to get all worked up over it. It really does not matter who wins this election, we all lose. The only winner in this election are the republican party and the democrat party, not the people…. 😦

  9. Michigan Jim says:

    Where’s the hue and cry from the mainstream media about this attempt to disenfranchise voters? Oh, sorry……it’s the Democrats.

  10. Joy Moon says:

    Desperation!! Disenfranchise us and see what happens!! HRC not only doesn’t deserve to be on the ballot but she belongs in jail! With the rest of her corrupt posse!! Unbelievable the measures these people undertake!!

  11. Patricia DuBois says:

    This will make Minnesota look like a bunch of idiots. Not everyone here is a liberal. Let the people decide who to vote for…..another way for criminal hillary To rig” the election .maybe they are afraid?

    1. dan w says:

      This just makes the state GOP look like idiots, they couldn’t get their paperwork done on time, and then didn’t do it properly. This action the Democrats took I’m sure is just a way to point out the obvious incompetence of the state GOP…

  12. curtis long says:

    crooked hillarys blood clot is going to burst before she can take office anyway and obozo will take over for another 4 yrs, they got this all planed, if you dems would get your head out of obozos ass you might be able to see this

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