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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — United States Sen. Amy Klobuchar is calling for the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate Mylan Pharmaceuticals, the company responsible for producing the EpiPen.

Mylan came under fire last month for hiking the price of the pens by 400 percent.

Klobuchar say Mylan has been ripping off taxpayers through Medicaid and Medicare charges.

“In Minnesota alone, in one year, $4 million that should be paid back to taxpayers,” Sen. Klobuchar said. “That’s one state in one year.”

Klobuchar is also calling on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Mylan.

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Comments (12)
  1. leftofright says:

    Election year political grand standing. I expected more of Senator Klobuchar.

    1. bulldog says:

      It won’t be an “election year” for her until 2018.

      1. leftofright says:

        considering that Senator Klobuchar was a co sponsor of the bill requiring Epi Pens in every public school in the country, I suppose her “righteous indignation” is somewhat understandable. For being a lawyer and politician, I am very surprised she did not see this coming and put a provision in the bill about rate increases….

        1. Dan Mack says:

          Is Amy willing to disclose how much money she took from Mylan to promote exclusive use of Epipens in the schools, and in Medicare and Medicaid when: Equivelent Generic – Current retail price is $144.62 at any walmart. Amy needs to ask why the Socialist Village wastes more than four times the retail price buying millions of $600.00 units wholsale. Exact same drug, and dosage.

          1. bulldog says:

            It surprises me sometimes how wrong people can be.

            If you’re referring to the “School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act”, no brand was ever encouraged or promoted.

            Mylan being the largest company in the epinephrine auto injector business at the time, offered schools free product, something smaller companies couldn’t afford to do, but they offered on the condition that those schools would never use a competitor. Schools signed up as we all would have expected them to do. That was strictly a marketing strategy that turned Mylan’s EpiPen into the apparent 1st choice for the product and from a marketing standpoint, that was good business. It made “EpiPen” the name best known in that product category, kind of like “Kleenex” is in the tissue business.

            Now, combine that with an aggressive push by in person representatives to healthcare providers with too many patients and too little time, who need to write prescriptions for epinephrine auto-injection products, EpiPen was easy. which then allowed them to raise prices for everyone else in a clear demonstration of corporate greed.

            Does dumping a comment here based on nothing actually make you feel good about yourself? Does commenting on an issue you clearly don’t understand feel good to you?

            The issue I understand, you I don’t.

            1. Dan Mack says:

              Yep Free stuff is really free. She took substantial funds to promote the Epipens. Sounds like a pretty good deal. She got Great Press for getting two free pens for the schools, and the Socialist Village gets stuck using them, along with getting billions in overcharges on Medicare and Medicaid.

  2. Dave Seavy says:

    With all the grandstanding on the part of the politicians, nothing ever gets resolved. Clinton lying and getting by with it; Wells Fargo likely won’t be held accountable; the list is endless.

  3. Dan Mack says:

    It is disappointing that Amy is now exposing the Socialist Village to such a harsh light when it is her main function to confiscate the taxpayers money and squander it on unsound government spending. At least she is doing her best to stamp out the last vestiges of capitalism and private enterprise.

  4. Rob says:


    This is none of your business. Let the free market work.

    If you want to make yourself popular, stop Obama from giving the internet to the United Nations.

    1. bulldog says:

      The free market is rarely at play in the pharmaceutical business and the actions take by Mylan are just a clear demonstration of greed.


      Obama isn’t “giving the internet to the United Nations”. The DNS, The Domain Naming System will as of Oct. !st, be officially run by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers – a non-profit organisation based in Los Angeles that has been handling these responsibilities since about 1998 anyway. You and I will see no changes in the internet.

      1. Rob says:

        Clearly you don’t know anything about economics or what a free market is.

        Obama is giving the internet to the United Nations

        They will censor you and me both and the web sites we visit.

        1. bulldog says:

          Can you explain, in detail, how the pharmaceutical industry is subject to any kind of free market forces? Please, you say “clearly” I don’t understand, it sounds like you could teach me. Will you?

          It seems I’m wrong about the internet too. Tell me, how does changing ‘official” responsibility for the DNS(Domain Naming System) from the U.S. government to the non-profit organization in L.A. called ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the group that has actually had this responsibility since 1998, make any real difference to you or I. They already have the job!

          Give me examples of what will change, anything at all. I like to learn, teach me something.

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