By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police now believe two early morning shootings in downtown Minneapolis that injured six people are connected.

Assaults, robberies and running gun battles, most taking place right here near the downtown police precinct building. Monday, police and city leaders spoke about the problem and possible solutions.

“This began with a fight on Fifth and Hennepin and they were live streaming the altercation,” Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau said.

Harteau says social media alerted others to come downtown. One man arrived in a vehicle, found a group of people and began shooting. That was near First and Third. Minutes later, more gunshots. Four others were hit.

Five adults and one juvenile were injured. Harteau says the adults involved have 110 interactions with police “for things like assault, robbery and weapons.”

Police recovered two guns and arrested one person.

“We have an issue right now with violent crime and shootings in the city as a whole, but specifically in areas like the Warehouse District as well as north Minneapolis, and I think collectively we as a community need to acknowledge it,” City Council member Jacob Frey said.

Monday, Mayor Betsy Hodges acknowledged the problem and laid out a plan. She said that gun violence is unacceptable in the city and that she’s “sick of it.”

“This is not who we are as a city,” Hodges told reporters. “Gun violence anywhere in this city is unacceptable—it’s unacceptable on the north side and it is unacceptable downtown.”

Later this year, she says her Group Violence Intervention initiative will address the small number of repeat offenders she believes are driving the violence. Funding for it, she said, would come from the Justice Department and the 2017 city budget.

“It will call in the offenders who are at highest risk of perpetrating violence, offer them every resource they need to redirect their lives productively and hold them accountable if they do not,” Hodges said.

Hodges also hopes to increase MPD’s authorized strength by 15 officers. The mayor also said that 60 new police officers are in training and will be on the streets by year’s end. These new officers will be focused on community relations initiatives, among other things.

The violence on Monday morning was gang-related, investigators say. While the murder of numbers in the city is down this year, the number of shootings has risen.

“We are seeing an increase in retaliatory violence,” said Lt. Jeff Rugel, of the Minneapolis Police Department’s gang squad. “In many cases, they are not even trying to kill each other. They are shooting for other reasons.”

Government, business and police hope by working together they can curb the violence.

The city is working on other plans to deal with moving people and vehicles thru downtown more effectively after bar closing.

Business owners we spoke with say something needs to be done quickly.

Comments (20)
  1. Fred says:

    You asked for it by marginalizing the police and now you got it baby.

  2. Great- we will now be picking up all the living expenses of thugs- watch them come flooding in from other cities.

    1. Dan Mack says:

      Silly fellow. All expenses paid for anyone who can point to Minnesota on a map, No-Id required, has long been the cornerstone of attracting these undeserved minorities to grow the Socialist Village. Were you not paying attention to mayor Betsy’s mission statements in her campaign ads and press releases on her web page ? We just have to establish trust with the black welfare gang community, hold more meetings with them, and increase their public funding.

  3. Dan Mack says:

    Mayor Betsy has a plan to reduce all this killing, shooting and armed robbery downtown. She says to just bare with her; because In just a few months when it gets too cold to comfortably lurk and spit outdoors in front of the police station downtown, we will see a dramatic drop.

  4. Mike Coxin says:

    Mpls is the true definition of liberal failure!

    1. Thomas Evenstad says:

      I am disappointed in you Michael. We must support efforts to curb violence and crimes against people regardless of politics. I’m sure that in your heart you support the Mayor and all of the good things she does. Bless you Michael. Tom

  5. She may be sick of the gun violence, but if they had nothing but spears, it would be just as bloody a nightmare. It appears you can take the thug out of the jungle, but not the jungle out of the thug.

  6. Rob says:

    Every single violent perpetrator is a product of the failed government run, teacher’s union controlled, public education system.

    That is the underlying root evil.

  7. Mike Coxin says:

    “It will call in the offenders who are at highest risk of perpetrating violence, offer them every “”RESOURCE”” they need to redirect their lives productively and hold them accountable if they do not,” Hodges said.

    Liberal code word for MONEY!

  8. Dan Mack says:

    Next year – according to city council video, Minneapolis will spend over $300,000 to set up an office to call several of these criminals and inform them that killing, shooting, armed robbing, mugging, and assaulting are against the law. We pay Education Minnesota over $35,000 a year for each of these criminals education in the Minneapolis public schools, but what with the union goons only teaching entitlement and hom0sexual bathroom procedures they have no time to cover civic responsibilities; so we will raise the taxes again to do so. One cannot expect our liberal judges to have already explained at their previous hearings and sentencings that there was a remote possibility of actually being held accountable after 15 or twenty convictions.

  9. NonLib says:

    Betsy Do -Doo , thanks for the laughs

    This is EXACTLY what you are as a city. Brought to us by you and the liberals like you and Dayton and …. pardon me while I laugh some more

  10. Concerned about this says:

    Betsy…. why the outrage? You created this all on your own. You are most certainly the WORST Mayor to ever hold the position not only in Murderapolis but in the entire state of Minnesota. You and Dayton need to go far far far far far away and get out of politics altogether as you obviously have no clue what you are doing.

  11. Joy says:

    We have spent trillions of dollars since the 1960s trying to help black youth. A social worker and a government check are no substitute for a father and a mother. 72% of black children are born to single mother households.
    Dems motto is to kept the poorly educated, pregnant, dependent, and keep them voting.
    Police had stepped back, having no support and fear of reprisals.
    Operation 100, broken window, and proactive policing works. Thousands of black youth would be alive today if support was there. Chicago is coming to MN.

    1. S Strand says:

      I wonder if the Mayor and Police chief have ever approached the Mothers routinely abondoned to raise offspring on their own, and introduced the idea of The Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts starting with Brownies and Cub scouts. What a way to start these children on a different path in

  12. biglou64 says:

    Start calling it what it is and you’ll be half way to fixing it. It’s call gang violence. You see guns are objects incapable of violent acts. People are responsible and you have to deal with them directly. Of course it’s always easier to blame something that doesn’t vote. Can someone remind me how this idiot became mayor? Oops I forgot, it usually takes idiots to elect idiots.

  13. Thomas Evenstad says:

    We are all behind you Mayor. There is so much hate in the world. This I can attest to as a gay man who has been violated many times. All sorts of harm to humanity must stop. I am glad to support the Mayor as are all of my gay and straight friends. Tom

  14. biglou64 says:

    Start by calling it what it is mayor and you may just fix something. It’s called gang violence. It will force you to go after humans instead of blaming inanimate objects, which are incapable of doing anything without an operator. You are the worst kind of coward, the kind that endangers others because of your reluctancy to act outside your comfort zone. In layman’s terms, you’re worthless.

  15. mike madison says:

    unfortunately it will take a while but if they could get the riff raff to keep their legs closed,
    things would get better.

  16. Betsy mudshark Hodges says:

    What the F? Betsy Hodges encouraged these Black Lives Matter thugs to shoot up their neighborhoods. It was a hands off order to the police and a no prosecute order to the county prosecutors office. Betsy Hodges fostered this gun violence by blacks on blacks. She’s a mudshark herself.

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