MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker appears to be more interested in the Green Bay Packers game than the second presidential debate.

Walker live tweeted Sunday’s Packers game but did not comment at all about the debate that was going on at the same time.

The Republican governor has not backed away from his endorsement of Donald Trump in the presidential race, even after vulgar comments Trump made about women came to light Friday. But Walker was quiet during Sunday’s presidential debate.

Walker didn’t post anything during the 90-minute debate. But did tweet “Touchdown @packers!” with a television image after each of their scores while the debate was ongoing.

Walker helped Trump’s running mate Mike Pence prepare for the vice presidential debate.

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Comments (6)
  1. Gary Halling says:

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker probably knew, like many of us, that the two moderators were Hillary supporters and would show their biases many times during the “debate”. I have never been a Trump supporter but he is the least of two evils. The very biased liberal/socialist media has already annointed Hillary “The lyin’ Queen” as the new emperor. Why bother to watch the media propagandists make complete fools of themselves once again?

  2. leftofright says:

    like anyone that is not a liberal, they are up for a black eye on this web site. The old mantra “you are either with us or against us” hold true, especially here on wcc-zero. If he would have watched the debate, they would have called him out for not supporting the packers. Hey WCC-Zero, you are a MN “news” organization, why are you reporting on the governor of another state? Is our governor that non news worthy?

    1. Mike Coxin says:

      You dumb piece of chet, do you know what state is right next door? Do you know how news outlets along borders works? Repubs are so stupid.

  3. Wanda says:

    At least Scott Walker has some backbone and is continuing to support the candidate that the majority of Americans support. Yes Trump made some stupid comments about women–guess what, walk in any high school and hear far worse. The RINOS are trying to destroy the republican party. Guess what, the American public picks the nominee. Trump’s first decision to pick Mike Pence as a running mate as one of sound judgement; his list of Supreme Court nominees is stellar and would uphold our constitution. Paul Ryan’s stand will ensure that the Dems take over the house and senate. Thanks alot

  4. Whoever wrote this needs to be fired for having no discretion as to what is newsworthy, and being devoid of critical thinking skills.

    Dude probably watched debate digitally, or jumped channels back and forth.

    Ooooooh so newsworthy!

    1. Mike Coxin says:

      It is painfully obvious that you are a freakin’ stupid chet hole.

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