By John Lauritsen

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce is suing the city of Minneapolis over its paid sick leave ordinance.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday night.

The city council unanimously approved the ordinance in May, which would require businesses with six or more workers to offer paid sick leave.

The push for paid sick time turned out workers of all kinds last spring, rallying together for change.

“There’s a lot of pressure for casual employees to work even though they may be sick. We need jobs, we need our income just like everybody else,” said nurse Charlotte Zabawa.

But even as the ordinance passed, opponents were saying that the city doesn’t have the authority to make this change.

“The city does not in fact have the ability to enact such an ordinance. In fact, this is the first time any city in Minnesota has enacted a labor requirement such as this,” said attorney Kathleen Harrell-Latham of Loop Legal.

Harrell-Latham is representing one of the plaintiffs in the case — the Minnesota Recruiting and Staffing Association. She said this is a state issue, not a city one.

“The ordinance is so overbearing and so robust in its reporting requirements it’s just unbearable to actually comply with it,” said Harrell-Latham.

Harrell-Latham said the ordinance is too expensive, too problematic and would not be practical for businesses.

In a statement, City Attorney Susan Segal countered by saying they’re confident they can defend this legal challenge from the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce.

She added that the ordinance is critical in protecting the health and safety of Minneapolis workers, residents and visitors.

The ordinance is set to go into effect on July 1 of next year.

St. Paul and Duluth have considered similar ordinances as well.

Comments (17)
  1. Liberal Lies says:

    Ah thats nonsense! Liberals believe they control everything.

    You know, they are so successful at things.. like MnSure and Odummercare.

  2. bulldog says:

    “Chamber President Doug Loon says the group opposes “one-size-fits-all mandates” and believes employers should have the ability to develop their own paid leave policies.”;

    you know, none, like they have now. They don’t want to have to start treating employees like real people, that hurts profits. Greedy SOB’s.

    1. Liberal Lies says:

      Do you post any comments that aren’t completely idiotic?

      You are the greedy SOB!

      Start your own business you pile of s it and offer all the benefits you want, otherwise sit down and shut your mouth!

      1. bulldog says:

        I started, grew and then sold two very successful businesses of my own while also expanding businesses of others as a marketing and sales executive. I spent the 7 or so years before retiring as the VP of Domestic and International Sales for a 35 year old manufacturer with sales throughout the mid-west, when I left, the company was doing business in 22 countries.

        My own businesses and the companies I worked for had many things in common, but the most important thing was a real commitment to the employee’s well being. That let’s you recruit and retain the best people and that in turn, makes whatever product or service offered even more valuable to the customers. Doing business right is not as hard as some would like you to believe, unless greed gets in the way. The only reason to oppose giving your people a little cover if they get sick, or fighting against a fair minimum wage is greed.

        By the way, I retired when I turned 50 and went back to college to earn my second degree, what’s on your resume?

        1. Liberal Lies says:

          Sure you did! Give us the names of the businesses you started and sold and the name of the business you allegedly worked for so we can do a little research and verify your BS story.

          You are a liberal maggot. You burrow in , fester and grow into a hideous puss filled parasite.

          I see you changed names because you had another name with the same lie!

          1. bulldog says:

            Whether you believe me or not means nothing, I never would have been very successful if I was dumb enough to risk exposing good people to the likes of someone like you. And to be honest, I don’t want people to know I waste time discussing anything with uninformed, uneducated, name calling middle school dropouts. Besides, if you were actually capable of doing research, your comments wouldn’t be a feeble as they are.

            Since you’re the one choosing to challenge other’s comments, you should be aware that there are people more accomplished than you that might actually have an informed opinion. As for using a different name, you’ll have to explain that one.

            So, you didn’t share with us what’s on your resume, not sure if “Jimmy John’s Sandwich Guy” was impressive enough?

            And now, since other than the same childish attacks on “Liberals”, you have yet to offer any contribution to a discussion on the issue at hand, so I’ll let you get back under your bridge with your other troll buddies.

            1. Liberal Lies says:

              So basically you are a full of s it!

              Oh you have something against the people working at Jimmy Johns huh?

              I don’t work at Jimmy John’s sorry but I do appreciate the folks that do because they are productive members of society. Unlike yourself who claims to be successful yet won’t provide any proof. Therefore I will throw the BS flag.

              I work in the public sector as somewhat of a social worker/evil chaser. I hunt the evil you pretend doesn’t exist.

              You are simply a greedy SOB who thinks everyone owes you something. You are a liberal maggot!

            2. Liberal Lies says:

              As for your name change. You were on this site before with some other BS name claiming to be successful and even under that name, you never provided proof of your alleged success.

              Yes you have changed your name on this site many times you lying P O S.

              1. bulldog says:

                As you should be able to see from this comment thread, one of your troll buddies, who continually got manhandled in discussions, as you have, thought it would be cute to take the name I was using when the comments platform changed.

                So, I haven’t changed my name numerous times, I did once because some fool stole the other one.

                “I work in the public sector as somewhat of a social worker/evil chaser. I hunt the evil you pretend doesn’t exist.”;

                ….you’re no social worker, I work with actual social workers all the time, two meetings today and three projects just next week, they don’t see evil like you do.

                Troll feeding time is over for today, why don’t you hook up with your buddy and try to think of other nonsense you can spew.

                1. Liberal Lies says:

                  More idiotic comments! Someone stole my fake identity online. Did they post stupid comments like yours and you didn’t like it?

                  I bet you work with social workers all the time. You obviously need help!

                  Oh my line of work is social worker/evil chaser. You are just too stupid to understand what that job is. But my guess is you have had plenty of run in’s with my co-workers.

        2. BS, whats the name of your business?

          1. bulldog says:

            The names of the companies I worked for are certainly none of your business and the companies I started aren’t mine anymore and so are also none of your business. Besides, as I told one of your other troll buddies, I wouldn’t do or say anything that might risk having any of those good people being exposed to someone like you.

            You and your pals constantly make ridiculous comments on issues that you know nothing about, I don’t do that. I have strong opinions about this issue and I don’t mind telling people where or how I formed those opinions. If I am unfamiliar with a topic or issue, I do whatever research I can before making comments or I keep my mouth shut. You might consider that.

            As for your latest comment about whether I know anything about small or large businesses, I will say that I helped the guys that started “Rapid Oil Change”, in the Twin Cities,(small) who then were able to sell out to Penske, (very large) and get very rich, and I’ve sold to or represented companies from Focus Sales and Services, a small independent sales agency, to Home Depot and Stanley Tools, from American Farmworks to John Deere, working with or for companies from all over the world.

            So, what’s your expertise, what’s on your resume, what knowledge do you have about any kind of business? My guess is you would have to team up with a couple of your troll pals here to generate an IQ above room temperature and I bet you could bankrupt a lemonade stand.

            Now, if you actually have something informed to say about the article, I’d be interested, otherwise I’m done feeding trolls on this topic.

    2. Liberal Lies says:

      I know… it’s so greedy to be “”” For Profit “” private business.

      You obviously failed every single course that was structured around economics!

      1. Dan Mack says:

        The key to this is: “Currently, about 42 percent of people who work in Minneapolis don’t earn sick leave.”
        Here in the Socialist Welfare Village, income is not related to what you earn. Income shall be dispensed on the basis of entitlement. No work is necessary. The preferred and protected members of the Socialist party are entitled to more benefits than others. Why just the other day governor Dayton declared his Socialist union campaign contributors exempt from paying their share of Obamacare and exerted official pressure to get them a free ride. The sooner we stamp out the last of private enterprise in Minnesota, the better off we all are. Everyone will have a high paying government job.

        1. Liberal Lies says:

          The socialist village is a bad thing? But Odummer and Gayton tell me that’s just not so. We all need to be to be living on the government teet and or work for the government and only when that happens with we achieve success as Americans.

    3. Bulldog, you are so full of it!!! Your a dreamer that knows nothing about small or large business

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