MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Police in St. Cloud say a 25-year-old man lied to officers over the weekend after he accidentally shot himself in the leg.

The St. Cloud Police Department says the man reported to officers Saturday night that he was shot by an unknown gunman while in his car on Wilson Avenue.

Initially, police started to search for a suspect, calling several officers to the area. The injured man was brought to St. Cloud Hospital for treatment.

Later, police learned the gunshot was self-inflicted, the result of an accidental discharge.

Police say they are continuing to investigate why the man, who was not identified, lied to officers.

Comments (6)
  1. bulldog says:

    Just another day in the life of a “responsible gun owner”, maybe there were “zombies” in the area.

    I guess we can be glad there weren’t any children involved.

  2. We The Good People of Rock Ridge says:

    Responsible? Not, I would say this guy is as about as irresponsible as can be. I do agree with the whole I’m glad there weren’t any children involved.

    1. bulldog says:

      I was being sarcastic. Remember the guy the other day shooting at “zombies” in the middle of the night, with an AR-15? He just about killed one of his neighbors.

      These “responsible gun owners” are everywhere!

    2. Dan Mack says:

      Let’s see … 25 year old male, shot while sitting in a car, no description. Sounds familiar. We get a couple of those at least every other day in Minneapolis. Same group diversity as St Cloud. The public is not in danger. The diversity makes us stronger here in the Socialist Welfare Village.

  3. Rob says:

    Let me share some facts with the liberal gun-hating folk.

    As a group, permit holders are MORE law abiding than the police.

    I don’t expect this to change your stubborn beliefs. Facts are rejected by liberals.

    1. bulldog says:

      I’m a liberal who doesn’t hate guns, in fact most liberals I know don’t really “hate” much of anything, that’s kind of what makes us “liberal”. We do get concerned with some people’s love for an object, a weapon, a tool designed for the single purpose of taking life, but we don’t hate the gun, we don’t even hate you, we’re just not sure we understand you.

      Now, I do like facts, so will you post a link to the source of the data you’re basing your statement on? I’d be interested in seeing it.

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