By Esme Murphy

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Gov. Mark Dayton says that while MNsure’s affordability is a real problem, it’s not as bad as Republicans make it out to be.

On WCCO Sunday Morning, Speaker of the House Kurt Daudt said that the Democratic proposal to make MNsure more affordable would leave 130,000 people without coverage.

The governor says that’s simply not sure. Even so, Daudt isn’t backing down.

As to who’s right? Well, it’s complicated.

It’s true that more than 100,000 people are losing their current health insurance plans, mostly because Blue Cross Blue Shield pulled out of the individual insurance market.

Yet, it’s also true all those people will have a chance to purchase other plans.

The question is: Will these plans be affordable?

Minnesota dairy farmers David and Ann Buck think Daudt is right.

“This is a crisis,” Ann Buck said. “There will be people on Jan. 1 who will not be insured.”

The Bucks are among those who got cancellation notices from Blue Cross effective Dec. 31. They currently pay $1,600 a month in premiums with a $13,000 deductible for their family of four.

They have been told next year their monthly premiums will jump to $3,300 a month with the same deductible. That would mean $40,000 in premiums — something the Bucks say they cannot afford.

“It’s insane,” David Buck said.

The Minnesota Department of Health estimates that more than 100,000 people could qualify for MNsure tax credits but don’t take them.

However, the Bucks are among the 98,000 Minnesotans that MNsure estimates make too much money to qualify for those breaks.

For a family of four, anyone making under $97,000 qualifies for a tax credit. For an individual, it’s anyone making under $47,000.

Both House Republicans and House Democrats are proposing a temporary fix that would provide rebates for those hit hardest.

Dayton agrees a fix is needed, but says it will have to wait until after the election.

Daudt says that is too late.

“We cannot wait another minute to start talking about this,” he said.

The governor’s office is calling out Daudt’s fix, saying the $57 million in funding for rebates Daudt is proposing is way too little to help individuals.

The governor estimates rolling back the 2017 premiums to what they are this year would cost $590 million.

Both Minnesota’s U.S. Senators weighed in today.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar says their needs to be a bi-partisan fix at both the state and federal level.

Sen. Al Franken says he is working on a proposal to stabilize the insurance markets and he would like to see a public option made available along the lines of Medicare.

Comments (2)
  1. Dan Mack says:

    Thank goodness Amy ans Al are working on this. They had to pass the Minsure Obamacare into law in order to find out what was in it , so now is the first chance they have had to look into it. The Socialist Welfare Village has every confidence that Al , Amy , and Mark will work out these minor bugs. As they say: it is a new program, and this is just a minor market adjustment on pricing, but everyone in the Socialist welfare Village will still keep their same doctors and save $2,500.

    1. Thomas Evenstad says:

      Hey Danno, I see you are starring in a new porno flick called “The Rearenders”! Lead role I understand. Are you sure that is a good idea given your prolapse? Instead of being the submissive why don’t you stand on your own two feet for a change and be the dom? It would do wonders for your sore knees. By the way, being a socialist and a submissive gay male, have you ever considered moving to North Dakota. That is even more socialist, being a red state and all, and there are a lot of really lonely men there. I bet you could score a dozen times every night. And the sheep and goats would be so thankful. You might get an award from the ASPCA! Or are you still doing goats too?

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