MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The regular season turnaround was a complete flip flop — from 8-23 to 23-8.

“Very good. Always good. We like it when we got a winning team,” said Gopher fan Julie Shaw.

So does Stub and Herb’s bar, which is surrounded by all things Gophers.

“We’re much busier for Gopher games, basketball games than we have been in past years. You can tell people are pretty excited about it,” said manager Kevin Sprenger.

The Big Ten Tournament is looked at as just the beginning. For the first time in a few years, Gopher fans also have the NCAA Tournament to look forward to.

That includes Greg Muellerleile who has had his hands on season tickets for close to four decades.

“Thinking about getting some tickets and going if I have some friends around the country who would be willing to have me sleep on their couch,” said Muellerleile.

And students like Jeff Theismann, who now regrets not renewing his season tickets this year.

“I bought season tickets in the past and knowing what happened this year, I would have actually gone this year,” said Theismann.

But with a win over Michigan State on Friday, he now has a chance to watch them make a Big Ten Tournament run, and hopefully something a little more next weekend.

“They’re not going to be going into any games where they are reasonably guaranteed to lose. They are going to come into games and have potential to beat anyone they play because they have the talent,” said student Parker Johnson.


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