DELANO, Minn. (WCCO) — A small community just west of the Twin Cities is hoping to move forward in support of one family that was the target of a hateful act.

The city of Delano invites anyone to come to City Hall Sunday night at 7 for a vigil to show support for Latanza Douglas and her family.

Burglars rummaged through her new home and spray painted racist messages on the walls last weekend.

After sharing her story with WCCO earlier this week, Douglas made it clear her family feels they have no choice but to leave Delano as soon as possible, packing up the dream home she had recently moved into with her husband and foster children.

“This was supposed to be the last time we would move,” she said.

Mayor Dale Graunke knows he can’t change their minds about moving, but he is hoping a show of unity and support on the steps of City Hall Sunday evening can send the Douglas family another message.

“Not in our town and not anywhere,” he said. “It is one thing for people to not get along but it is another thing to hate and that’s the problem here. This is hate.”

They Douglas family met with Gov. Mark Dayton Saturday at the Governor’s Mansion.

Latanza Douglas said they appreciated the meeting. She said they will not be attending Sunday’s vigil.

The Wright County Sheriff’s Office is still looking for the person or people who committed the crime.

Comments (3)
  1. Jeff Mannino says:

    Yes we are to believe white supremacists are on the rise
    when these stories tend to be almost entirely made
    up or lib/minority/black kids doing it. The fact it hit the news is suspect
    you rarely get a follow up front page rebuttal of their fake news.
    The real story here is the burglary. Which I guess all you need to do
    to get extra eyes on your side is paint a swazi onthe wall of
    your burglurized house, and a very badly scrawled one at that.

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